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  • 12/30/2018 11:53 AM | Anonymous

    By Budd Schroeder

    There will be changes in government because of the change of political power. We should know by now that politics is all about power and money and those with the most power and money get to call the shots on what will happen on the national and local scenes. In Washington, DC the Congress went to the Democrats, but the Republicans managed to increase their majority in the Senate.

    Many think this arrangement will cause confusion and more internal battles that will involve getting or maintaining power. It will be difficult to get legislation passed and there will be more distractions, especially in the house. It is almost certain that what President Trump will be mangled by the Democrat majority. The citizens will be the ones to pay the price for the dissension.

    The Democrats in the house have already stated or at least, hinted what their agenda will be. The prime directive is to distract from any legislation Trump wants. There will be the cries from the Waters’ group for impeachment. What the charges will be have not been invented yet. The fact that after two years of Mueller’s attempts to charge the president with collusion involving Russia, and coming up with nothing, that investigation will continue to be on the agenda.

    The liberal leftists have made significant inroads into the process and since positions are traditionally based on seniority, the committee chairmanships will go to people like Maxine Waters and Gerald Nadler for key positions. Knowledgeable people are skeptical about the results that will come based on their past performances and reputation.

    Ideology is going to be tested as well. From the direction the left has taken during the past two years, it is probable that there will be attacks on the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi has already stated that weakening the rights stated in the Second Amendment is high on her hit list. It is obvious that the liberal left is determined to strip rights from the citizens and increase the power of the government.

    The Founding Fathers placed the right of the people to keep and bear arms high on their list of important rights. Only the freedom of speech, press, right of religion, and to peaceably petition the government were placed before the right to be armed. They stated that the right to own a gun was not to hunt or even for self-defense, but as protection against a government that became a threat against a republic. Since the Civil War, politicians and bureaucrats have been infringing on that right.

    It is difficult to find another constitutional right that requires governmental permission to enjoy. From the time of the Jim Crow Laws to restrict the right to keep and bear arms, to laws requiring permits to carry them, the power brokers keep passing laws that infringe on the right in spite of what the Second Amendment says. Requiring a permit to have and bear arms has turned a right into a privilege. This is not what the Founding Fathers said. Of course, power seeking politicians don’t care what the Constitution says.

    Then, there is the hypocritical issue of the First Amendment right of free speech. The liberals speak of their support of free speech, but think nothing of banning conservative guest speakers in the liberal colleges. Some college students held violent riots to prevent conservative ideas from being spoken in THEIR college halls. This is becoming more ingrained in the educational process, some being evident in public schools.

    Even words have to be “politically correct” if a person wants to avoid problems. Saying the politically incorrect word can cause a person to lose a job or be denigrated publicly. Books have been taken of shelves because they had parts or words that could hurt someone’s feelings. Words have great power and using certain ones or making statements could cause a law suit if said in the wrong way or environment. The term “racist” has become a weapon in the mouths of the liberals.

    What would happen if those who are conservative or on the right insisted that it is a denigrating word that is hurtful and would have to be referred to as the “r” word? Of course with the liberal media and educational institutions that would be unacceptable because it doesn’t offend them. Calling a person a racist is one of their best weapons.

    The states take part of these methods to advance their agenda and New York and California are high on the list of the liberal states with more joining the blue tide. However, to a logical mind they are hardly a standard for rational living. California is high on the list of a haven for illegal immigrants and homeless people and it is getting worse. New York just became a totally blue state with the Assembly and Senate run by Democrats.

    The major problem is geography. The power is all in New York City and the voting shows it. The upstate counties are much more conservative and invariably the counties with a high percentage of people getting public assistance vote Democrat. It is obvious that upstate New York will be run by the whims of the New York City politicians. They now have to power to do that. Some are saying that corruption will increase along with taxes and a loss of freedoms.

    Governor Cuomo will no longer have to sneak in his pet projects with “a message of necessity” to dominate the state. He will be able to have the power of a dictator and push his agenda whenever and wherever he wishes. This will be a very tough year for conservatives and others who value freedom. 

  • 12/30/2018 11:45 AM | Anonymous

    By Harold Moskowitz

    You are relaxing at home. Two men are kicking in the kitchen door at the rear of the house. What can you legally do to protect yourself? You own a “legal” firearm. Should you consider using lethal force to protect yourself? The answers to those questions will largely be determined by the laws of your state even though the Second Amendment provides the right to use firearms for self-defense.

    Our laws governing self-defense are based upon English common law. In the 1600’s, English common law viewed a man’s home to be his “castle” which might need to be defended. However, every life had value. Before using lethal force, a man had a “duty to retreat” from the threat of physical harm if possible. Thus, English common law resulted in the “Castle Doctrine” for protection within one’s home along with the goal of trying to prevent the loss of human life.

    The Castle Doctrine gives the legal right to defend one’s home against an intruder while allowing a defense of justifiable homicide. The homeowner is not required to retreat before using lethal force. In the 1980’s, some states expanded the doctrine to cover physical threats to occupants of a car, workplace, or place of business without a “duty to retreat.”

    The Castle Doctrine may not be used as defense against a charge of murder or manslaughter if the defender was engaged in an unlawful activity at the time of the homicide. Likewise, lethal force can only be justified if the intruder entered the premises for the purpose of committing a felony. The intruder must not have been invited into the home for any reason. A defender who initiated or provoked the situation which resulted in the homicide may not use the Castle Doctrine as a defense. In addition, lethal force is not justifiable if the physical threat is diminishing. The idea of justifiable homicide is based on the premise that the killing of a person did not involve “malice” or “criminal intent.”

    At least twenty-four states allow for justifiable homicide in the face of an imminent physical threat without a duty to retreat. New York requires a full duty to retreat before a person may use lethal force in home self-defense. Some New York prosecutors might possibly want to have recorded proof of a call to 911 on which you can be heard warning the intruder through a locked or barricaded door that you were armed and prepared to use lethal force if he persisted. A person might even be expected to flee from the premises to retreat from the threat. In fact, New York law prohibits the use of deadly force if it is known “with certainty” that an intruder can be avoided by retreating.

    California allows the use of lethal force only for protection of the home’s occupants from physical danger. Prevention of theft of personal property is not covered. Other jurisdictions with limited or no Castle Doctrine self-defense protections include: Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Eastern seaboard states with very restricted ability to use lethal force include: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Not surprisingly, many of these states also have very restrictive gun control laws.

    Florida and Texas have very strong Castle Doctrine plus “standyour-ground” protections. The latter form of protection provides the right to self-defense in any location where a person has a legal right to be. Other states with strong self-defense protections include: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington.

    Texas allows lethal force for protection in homes, cars, places of employment, or business locations whenever an intruder has unlawfully entered, or is attempting to enter by using force. It also allows such force for protection when an intruder is attempting to remove someone from the protected areas by force or is attempting to commit a crime such as rape. No attempt to retreat is required. Texas as well as a few other states protect citizens against civil lawsuits arising from force used for defense of themselves and others in protected locations. Florida also has strong self-defense protections. In addition, unlike other states, in Florida the “dwelling” where self-defense has ended in homicide does not even need to have a roof. It can be movable and can be as temporary as a tent.

    It is advisable to periodically check with lawyers licensed in the states where you own property. State laws can change at any time. Be informed before you need to pull the trigger! 

  • 12/30/2018 11:41 AM | Anonymous

    By Richard Rossi, Delaware County

    I would like to share my concern as an American citizen to what is going on in our country since P r e s i d e n t T r u mp h a s b e e n elected. Let me be perfectly clear, I am speaking as an American Law-abiding citizen. This has nothing to do with anyone's political affiliation or my political preference.

    We are ALL American's first, regardless of our political affiliation, and that should be paramount in our desire to insure America continues to be the greatest country in the world. Wishing for our President to fail - means America fails... Saying 'America was never great' is disgusting....

    We may disagree on various stances based on our political affiliations, different viewpoints are good - only if 'common-sense' prevails and we discuss the issues, without inflammatory rhetoric, and logically. Today, this is sorely missing from the agenda. It is NOT what is best for America.

    We have many challenges facing our country today. The answers are complex; however, they need to be addressed. We must be a country of Laws. Our immigration policy need updating; Our border security is lax. Our Rights and Freedoms are being infringed; Our healthcare system is inadequate; Our military needs to be strengthened; Our national debt is out of control; Our government, at all levels, is too big and out of control. Our Supreme Court is making laws instead of enforcing them based on our Constitution. We have Governors and Mayors believing they can over-ride Federal Laws because they don't like them. etc...

    Our Constitution/Bill of Rights must be followed. It is NOT the right of any elected official or branch of Government to decide which laws are just and which ones should be ignored. Our Founding Father clearly outlined a procedure to address changes when required. Our Constitution is not broken - it is ignored by elected officials who took an oath to protect and enforce it.

    We have a God given right to self-preservation. Firearms are not 'either good or bad' - it is the individual who makes that choice. They are responsible for their decisions and actions. We need representatives who truly believe in this fact.

    We have a right to know who is living in our country and to insure they came here legally. Our Governor believes he has the RIGHT to "play God". He believes that he is above the law.

    Our Government is not there to provide for all your needs and wants, from birth to death. Individuals need to take personal responsibility and ownership for their actions and be responsible citizens. This will mean sacrifices and standing on one’s own two feet.

    Nothing in life is 'FREE'. Nothing the Government can provide is FREE - someone must foot the bill. I keep hearing that the American People want FREE College, FREE Healthcare etc. We are a Democratic Republic not a Socialist Democracy. Are you willing to give at least80% of your income to the government so you can have all these 'so-called' FREE benefits? I for one, am not ready for my life to go from "Citizen to Slave". America was built on hard work and a day’s pay for a day’s work.

    When Aliens have more rights and freedoms than Law-abiding Citizen, something is very wrong in New York State. When corruption is the norm, something is very wrong in New York State. When hard working Law-abiding citizens can't make a living because taxes are sky rocketing to pay for entitlements for 'leaches', something is wrong in New York State.  

  • 12/30/2018 11:33 AM | Anonymous

    By Michael Giuliano

    In a relatively stunning development, our poor, beleaguered and ever put-upon Governor Cuomo now considers both “extreme” conservatives and socialists (https:// -headquarters-alexandria-ocasiocortez-1222753) to be among his enemies. You see, both sides have been critical of his and De Blasio’s lavish corporate welfare offered up to snag an Amazon facility in Queens.

    Mr. Cuomo is hurt and offended that these disparate political interests would question his presumably pure motives and tactics. “This transaction is a lightning rod for the political rhetoric on both extremes. The extreme conservatives and the socialists both now vehemently oppose "incentives" for Amazon, which is one of the most profitable companies in the country,” said Cuomo in an op-ed released by his office ( op-ed-governor-andrew-m-cuomo). Among those “extreme” conservatives? The New York Post. Cuomo, it seems, is having his own battle with the free press. He also attacked The New York Times, Rupert Murdoch, and CNN.

    These tax breaks and all are offered ostensibly for New York City to compete against other states and localities but, in the end, they are costing taxpayers a vast sum and the plan benefits the already very wealthy Jeff Bezos.

    Cuomo’s diversionary ploy of labeling any dissent from either his policies or corruption as “extreme”, “socialist”, or otherwise emanating from people whom he considers generally unwelcome in New York, is wearing thin. At least it is wearing thin to the 41% who voted against him and perhaps a sliver of even those who elected him to four more years.

    As for the rest of the Cuomo voting bloc, they prefer their Tammany-style Democrat politics “good and hard,” to amend slightly the observation on democracy by H.L. Mencken.

    Albany’s Newest Tactic: Attacking the First Amendment (and Fourth, Fifth, etc.) to Ransack the Second

    The anti-gun, anti-upstate forces in Albany and New York City (Note: Molinaro won 47 of 62 counties in November) won’t stop at anything to achieve their fantasy, which is not of stopping violence, since their gun control schemes cannot accomplish this as guns don’t commit crimes, but of needling their political enemies, attaining the leftist bona fides for CNN appearances, and invites to Congressional wine-andcoffee klatches with well-heeled donors.

    Two of DeBlasio’s swamp creatures, a state senator and the Brooklyn Borough President, proposed a bill to require that a gun purchaser turn over their social media passwords and past three years of s e a r c h h i s t o r y ( h t t p s : / / -calls-for-social-media-search-beforepistol-permit-in-ny/1612876779). This legislation is so extreme that even a certain gun “reform” organization (the NYAGC) has been slow to endorse it. Inevitably, such groups will eventually endorse it and we must be ready.

    Most tellingly, the bill does not involve the policing of whether a person has made actual public or private threats against any person (i.e. threats that would be criminal acts under the current law) and thus presumably subject a person to scrutiny under the existing laws. It goes much further, which is to say, it loudly enters the territory of free speech. It allows a review one’s political speech and opinions posted on social media and internet search history as a basis to deny a permit. The proposal is a shameless, bold-faced attack on free speech and association as well as the Second and Fourth Amendments. No thoughts or actions are to be private under the new regime.

    The Albany swamp is quite willing to attack groups unpopular and unwelcome in its hallowed halls of power. In fact, conservatives have been told they aren’t welcome in New York whatsoever by the very ethical and unimpeachable Mr. Cuomo, whose own corruption commission had to be disbanded lest it make things messy for Albany by finding anything further.

    Call the new Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan and your own state senator and ask (politely) that they make a very prominent public statement against this outrageous legislation if it is introduced. In the minorities, the Republicans are without much power. The very least many of them could do is represent their constituents.

    Cuomo ‘Disrespected the Judiciary’ after it Struck Down SAFE Act Magazine Capacity Provision

    The Buffalo News has rep o r t e d ( h t t p s : / / that Erie County’s District Attorney has instructed local Erie police departments to stop charging violations of the seven-round limit provision in the SAFE Act. A couple dozen criminal cases were still pending at the time of the news report that charged a violation of this provision.

    The seven-round provision was ruled unconstitutional years ago (in two separate decisions in federal court) but many observers suspect Cuomo’s administration has been encouraging the state police and many other local departments to continue charging individuals with violations of the magazine limit under the flimsy pretext that a lower federal court decision isn’t binding on the state.

    Check with your county officials and inquire as to whether police agencies have been instructed to act in accordance with these court decisions. Kindly ask if your respective county officials respect the federal courts?

    Look towards Washington and witness and smell the hypocrisy. The President is frequently attacked, in the most sanctimonious terms, for impugning the legitimacy of the judiciary. This attack on him is usually made with scant evidence. Vocal disagreement is not the equivalent of subversion. In contrast, liberal politicians such as Mr. Cuomo only “respect the courts” and operate within the confines of those courts’ decisions when a judicial decree squares with their progressive political platform.  

  • 12/30/2018 11:13 AM | Anonymous

    By Tom Reynolds Treasurer and At-Large Director 

    Many of the progressive winners in the election are socialists and socialism always fails. It’s easy to point at Venezuela and Cuba as current examples of socialism’s failures but the last century gave us numerous examples.

    If the left understood history, they would know that Nazi stood for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. So why are the democratic socialists on the left labeling Republicans in general and President Trump in particular as Nazis and Hitler? Shouldn’t self-avowed socialists look in the mirror?

    Remember the Soviet Union that President Reagan correctly labeled as an, “Evil empire…destined for the ash heap of history”? The USSR stood for Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

    China is a communist nation and communism is the inevitable result of socialism.

    Now, the left is relabeling itself as a different kind of socialism, (democratic socialism) in order to separate themselves from their failed past; they are 0 for the last century. The Red Sox and Cubs had a better century than socialism.

    But it’s not just socialism’s monumental economic failures that should scare us. In the last century, socialist dictatorships were responsible for 100 million people being killed. Mao murdered 40 to 50 million Chinese. Stalin killed 30 to 40 million people and Hitler chipped in with 20 to 30 million deaths. Minor tyrants such as Pol Pot and Fidel Castro barely get a mention but they did their best to bring death and destruction wherever they went. 100 million people killed and today’s socialists are saying, “Hey, let’s try it again”!

    What are socialism / communism/ fascism? Their technical definitions sound very academic, non -threatening and revolve around the economy. But at their heart, they all involve central government control of the people. The differences revolve around the degree of control but, in reality, they all lead to total government control of all aspects of people’s lives.

    Why do socialists hate guns? They want to be in control of society. When socialism fails, again, people will rebel and the left will need to force them to comply. Socialists aren’t interested in a fair fight; they want all the guns so they can keep people in line.

    Why does socialism always fail (and a capitalistic / free market society succeed)?

    Capitalism entails free choice while socialism necessitates government mandates. Very few like being told what to do, especially by faceless and far away bureaucrats.

    Power is centrally held and when a tyrant (or an incompetent) takes control, they are virtually unopposed. Those in power will do whatever is necessary to stay in control and they have all the power. As I mentioned earlier, they are not interested in a fair fight, so they want all the guns.

    Under our Constitution, which is the antithesis of socialism, political power is divided between the three branches of government. Power is further diluted among fifty states and each state has separate powers in their own right. Government’s power can also be challenged by the non-government sector where corporations, unions, the media, etc. are capable of opposing government. Of course, when these various government and non-government entities become aligned with the central government we are on the road to another socialist failure.

    Under socialism, all power is held by the central government and when it makes a bad decision it affects everyone. The USSR’s failures are well documented. When China was totally communist, it could not feed its own people so it opened up some capitalism and now it is a world class economy. (But to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, a nation will not continue to exist half communist and half free.)

    In the USA’s private sector, businesses and individuals are free to succeed or fail without (usually) taking down others. Others learn from those successes and failures and emulate the successes and avoid the failures.

    Federalism is supposed to allow the individual states to try new things and if they fail they do not bring down the entire nation. Other states are free to copy – or not – these individual state efforts. But socialist government being what it is, they would rather be socialist than right. For example, gun free zones have been breeding grounds for mass murderers and yet socialist states keep establishing them even though they have a history of failure.

    Those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. 

  • 12/30/2018 11:03 AM | Anonymous

    By Tom Reynolds Treasurer and At-Large Director

    Since Franklin Roosevelt was President, the United States has moved slowly to the left domestically, as if on the installment plan; in small steps our elected officials moved us into socialism but few noticed the “low monthly payment”. Then, in 2009, Barrack Obama and the Democrats got greedy and decided to foreclose on America by instituting wholesale socialist changes. Much to their surprise, America suddenly felt the accumulated pain, realized what was happening and reacted strongly to the erosion of their Constitution and traditional American values. The TEA Party was the most prominent example of this reaction and it grew to become a powerful anti-socialist force in the Republican Party. Driven by the TEA Party, over the next three election cycles, the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives, then the Senate, and finally the Presidency.

    New York State endured something similar. Liberal gun grabbers enjoyed some small successes until Andrew Cuomo went wild in 2013 with the SAFE Act. Many gun owners were awakened from their lethargy and 2nd Amendment defense organizations (such as SCOPE) saw their memberships increase dramatically.

    Unfortunately, as America moved farther from 2009, the TEA Party lost some of its energy. 2nd Amendment defense organizations also saw memberships drop as we moved further from the 2013 birth of the SAFE Act. Some of this should have been expected as we moved away from the crisis event and those marginally involved people dropped out. But unlike the TEA Party, 2nd Amendment defense organizations had little tangible results other than having helped to block further erosion of 2A rights. These blocks were made possible by the Republican held New York Senate which acted as a kind of goal keeper; it blocked most – but not all - of the left wing craziness’ shots and NEVER went on the offense.

    In 2018, Socialism started a recovery on the national level as Democrats won the House and in New York as Democrats took over the NY Senate. Unlike the federal level where Republicans control the Senate and the Presidency and can neuter the socialist tendencies of the House, the far left now controls all branches of New York’s government. And don’t expect any help from the courts as Cuomo appointees dominate the Appeals levels and those appointees have never shown any allegiance to the Constitutional rights of citizens, such as those in the 2nd Amendment.

    How did this happen? No one cause covers everything, but one major issue is certainly the preponderance of Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s) among that party’s elected and elite. Personally, I consistently voted Republican or Conservative, but I did it while holding my nose. Too many Republicans in safe districts are content to have a career based on being “the lesser of two evils”. If these safe districts were Democratic, many incumbents would probably have no problem changing parties and adopting centrist Democratic principles, since they basically have already done that. This kind of leadership does not inspire marginally involved people to get out and vote – until the next crisis hits when it may be too late. Only then will some get engaged, but many will still only complain as they see the same Republican establishment faces that caused the problem and will not see the point in working and voting for those faces.

    The second major issue is the incompetence of the Republican Party’s leadership. There are so many problems there, I can only summarize them.

    In New York, the Republican and Conservative parties’ strength is overwhelmingly in Upstate. So, where do the state chairmen park their butts? Michael Long (ever heard of him?) has been the Conservative Party chair since 1988 and lives in Brooklyn. Ed Cox (who occasionally ventures into the wilds of Upstate) has been the Republican Party chairman since 2009 and lives on Long Island. They are much like the generals who stay well behind the front lines but believe they know what’s happening from reports they get. Not exactly inspirations to the troops.

    Although Republicans controlled the NY Senate for decades, the last Senate Majority leader from Upstate was Warren Anderson, of Binghamton, in the early 1980s. Again, Upstate Republicans are missing from the corridors of power even though they are the strength of the Republican Party.

    On the national level, we may have just endured the two worst Republican House Speakers in history. (I only say “may have” because I don’t know the history of all House Speakers, but it is hard to imagine two worst ones than John Boehner and Paul Ryan). In the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell only seems motivated when there is a Supreme Court appointment at stake (but that does rank him ahead of Boehner and Ryan who were never motivated to effective action.) When the Democrats had both houses of Congress they were ruthless. Boehner and Ryan got control by promising to end Obamacare, fix immigration and defund Planned Parenthood but they were pussycats. Many promises were made but few were kept by this infamous leadership.

    So, how do we dig ourselves out of this hole? First, keep in mind that the Democrats are Socialists and Socialism ALWAYS fails. We have to be in position when that happens.

    Our immediate New York goal should be to regain the NY Senate in 2020 and we may have Andrew Cuomo’s ego to help us. Most are pretty sure he will make a run for the presidency in 2020 and his strategy should help us. Will he try to strengthen his far left credentials and, thus, provoke a crisis? Remember, it was Obama’s overreach that created the TEA Party and Cuomo’s SAFE Act that motivated gun owners. Since Cuomo completely controls the political side of New York, it is easy to imagine him pushing through a far left social agenda that will antagonize Upstate and he already has an economic agenda that is depopulating Upstate.

    All 2nd Amendment defense organizations must work together for the common goal. There may be hard feelings between some of the organizations but Andrew Cuomo and the Democrats are our common enemies. We don’t have to be best friends but we must work together – cautiously if necessary – but together for the greater good. Many SCOPE members are also members of other 2A organizations and they must press them to work together.

    We must reach out to other organizations that Cuomo has and will offend. We may not agree on some things but we disagree with Cuomo on everything. Is there a TEA Party in your area? Get some of your membership involved and remind them we have the same enemy. Are you aware of any anti-abortion groups in your area? Cuomo has offended them as much as he has offended 2A groups and many churches are very angry over this. And don’t forget the upstate economy, or lack thereof. The “Divide NY” people are on our side. These may seem like a stretch but remember, during World War Two we partnered with the Soviet Union to take down our common enemy.

    The leadership of 2A groups goes into gun fights without ammunition when gun owners don’t vote. Gun owners must get registered to vote and then follow through. Register in a political party so you can vote in their primary. We have to rid ourselves of the “lesser of two evils” if we are to get marginally engaged gun owners to vote. Primaries get a low turnout and a motivated group can overcome the incumbents just by showing up to vote. Identify good candidates to represent us in those primaries and then support those people. We will not get any help on this from within the party; they will circle the wagons.

    As party members, you can work to oust the current do-nothing leadership.

    No one has to do all this themselves but it does require leaders. It’s time to step up.  

  • 12/30/2018 11:01 AM | Anonymous

    Observation by a former NYer and former S.C.O.P.E. Member, Paul Rusin, in a recent comment on our page....

    Facts are terrible things. 
    Fact 1: gun owners are notoriously lax when it comes to voting, or joining organizations that support them. When they do join, they expect that their small pittance in dues should suffice, and that the organization should do all it can using that small pittance to promote 2A. 

    Fact 2: The apathy in the gun owner community stinks to high heaven. I have sat tables trying to convince gun owners to join pro-2A organizations, and it is like pulling eye teeth, and molars. They think they are simply going to shoot it out in the dead of night with armed, and bullet resistant vested, army of troops willing to kill them, their dog, their family, their cat, anything that gets in their way. They will be outgunned 20 to 1, and their ammo will run out far faster than the full automatics brought to bear against them.

    Fact 3: Once laws are put on the books, there is little likelihood that those laws will be repealed, or even shot down at the judicial level. This is because the 'Deep State' is VERY deep, entrenched, and until folks are willing to use their clout at the polls (many will not fearing jury duty, or other inane things), there will be no change. Further, the level at which most RINO's, and Dems start is the local level. You want to stop the anti-2A folks from running? You must become involved in your local party apparatus. Not only be involved, but don't give up, and if necessary take over the local operation(s). At that point you will determine who runs for office. You will have to look for candidates, or become those candidates. This is what the commuNAZI's have been doing for the last 70 to 100 years. They have called themselves liberal, progressive, but they are communists, socialists, fascists, National Socialists. They have infiltrated, and taken over, both parties, and they are coming for our guns idf you don't ingratiate yourselves, and take over. Our country cannot be taken over without you allowing it.

    Fact 4: NRA can only do so much, GOA, SCOPE (NY), NYSR&P, even other state pro-2A organizations. They are only as strong as their membership. If you are weak, they will be, too. Also, stop relying on NRA, because I have spoken with Wayne LaPierre, and offered him court precedents which undermine Pistol Permits/licensing. I have waited two decades for him, and NRA to get off the pot, and start promoting the fact that these laws are egregious attempts at limiting (see the meaning of infringe) the ability to carry by the majority. These will either carry illegally (but constitutionally - without a permit), or they will simply cede their right due to the costs, and associated background checks, etc.
    There are probably more things on which I could expound, but you all know what has to be done. So go out, and do it

  • 12/30/2018 10:55 AM | Anonymous

    By Tim Andrews, S.C.O.P.E. President

    The 2018 elections are over and are an unmitigated disaster for gun owners, and frankly in my opinion, for New Yorkers in general. We’ve become a one-party state. Cuomo and his fellow Democrats undoubtedly feel they have a mandate to unleash their progressive agenda, including more gun control.

    Following the election, Cuomo said, “We already have the strongest gun safety laws in the nation, and in the upcoming legislative session we will take additional steps to make our laws even stronger to keep our communities safe.” At the time of this writing, it looks as though Democrats will control the state Senate by a 40 – 23 majority, and that goes with the 2 to 1 majority Democrats already maintain in the state assembly.

    Folks, I’m not going to try and soft pedal this, the Second Amendment is in serious jeopardy here in New York. Come January we are looking at the loss of more due process, with the governor’s Red Flag law, (Extreme Risk Protection Order law), along with much more. Let me put it this way, the sky may be the limit for Cuomo’s gun control agenda.

    The governor’s comments came in a response to the recent nightclub shooting in California. Now ask yourself: Why would that shooting have anything to do with New York? On numerous occasions, Cuomo has boasted New York has the best gun laws in the country. If that’s so, why the necessity to pass more? Especially if the impetus is an incident that occurred in another state and not here. I would contend the governor’s comments and his agenda are proof this isn’t about gun safety laws as they like to call it, it’s about an all-out attack on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding New Yorkers.

    So, what is there for us to do? Some will probably join the droves that have already done so and leave the state. If you are considering that alternative, I hope you choose to stay because if you go our job gets harder. It seems bleak but it’s not hopeless. The courts, especially on the federal level, thanks to President Trump have become much friendlier. We’ve already begun planning an agenda using the courts as our battleground. We still believe the unSAFE Act is unconstitutional as well as the Red Flag proposal the governor plans on passing in January.

    We’re Americans, we don’t quit, we don’t give up, we have one big advantage and that is we are on the side of the Constitution. We can, and we will win this fight if we keep fighting. I know how frustrated we all are. I’m just as frustrated as anyone but whatever you do don’t give up.

    I’ve never enjoyed asking for money as I know how hard you all work and how expensive it is to live in New York. However, as you surely know legal action and lawyers are expensive, costs can easily reach the tens of thousands, we need your help to fund our expanding legal agenda. I’m asking you to dig down and donate to our legal defense fund, please give as much as you can and as often as you can. You can donate through our website using your credit card, or you can mail your contributions to SCOPE, PO Box 165, East Aurora, NY 14052. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.  

  • 11/12/2018 4:37 PM | Anonymous

    By Harold Moskowitz 

    The first commercially successful firearm suppressor was devised by Hiram P. Maxim in 1902. He was the son of Hiram S. Maxim, inventor of the Maxim Machine Gun. The Maxim Silent Firearms Company began production in Hartford, Connecticut in 1908. He received U.S. Patent 916,885 for a “Silent Firearm” in 1909. It sold in hardware stores for around five dollars. The Sears and Roebuck mail order catalogue advertised it as a “moderator which will allow a person to protect the chicken coup without disturbing the neighbors.” Theodore Roosevelt had one on his Winchester 1894 carbine at his Sagamore Hill home on Long Island.

    Maxim silencers were made for rifle calibers from .22 to .45. They could be ordered custom for large caliber Winchesters and Remington Autoloaders. Even shotloaded cartridges worked with his silencers. Company advertising claimed that the silencer “absolutely prevents report noise and reduces recoil over two-thirds.”

    Despite his claims of total silence, Maxim took pains to inform potential customers that although his device stopped “all of the noise of the report,” it would not control the “noise made out in the air beyond the gun by a high velocity bullet in flight.” To provide a totally silent shot, he offered for sale modified ammunition with velocity less than 1,100 feet/second. The cartridge used a heavy bullet for maintaining strike energy at the reduced velocity. Modified ammunition was supplied for all center-fire rifle calibers at the same price as regular ammunition.

    The silencer checked the muzzle blast of a firearm by forcing the gasses to whirl around inside the device. In the process the gasses were slowed down by curved vanes and allowed to leave the gun barrel gradually instead of instantly. It could be attached to a threaded rifle barrel or to a threaded thimble which could be pressed onto the gun barrel. His design placed the silencer’s chambers below the barrel so that the iron sights could be used. The bullet’s path was unimpeded by the device.

    There were no governmental restrictions upon possession or use. “Gentlemen” were encouraged to use them as a consideration of other shooters. Target practice could be done without bothering the neighbors. All of the benefits of silencer use were dealt a serious blow by the National Firearms Act of 1934. Congress had been under pressure to deal with Prohibition Era violence resulting from mobster assassinations of rivals and bank robberies. The law criminalized short-barreled rifles and shotguns. Fully automatic weapons such as the Thompson submachine gun became tightly restricted weapons. Silencers, like the fully automatic weapons, could be owned after complying with bureaucratic procedures and payment of a $200 tax. It has been suggested that the silencer tax in part was to prevent poor, rural families from being able to kill deer for food off-season without being detected. According to Emily Rupert u s , w r i t i n g f o r t h e “NRABLOG’ (Oct. 5, 2016) the $200 tax in 1934 was the equivalent of $3,583.71 in today’s purchasing power.

    The term “suppressor” was introduced in the 1980’s. It is more accurate than the term “silencer” since except as portrayed in Hollywood movies, a gunshot cannot truly be made silent. As with infringement of the Second Amendment, denial of access to hearing protection is a civil rights issue and should be pursued as such in any litigation or proposed bills. While hearing protection can be used at a gun range, neither hunters nor hunting dogs have hearing protection in the field. The “Dangerous Decibles Program” at the University of Northern Colorado has determined that noises exceeding 85 dB can cause permanent hearing damage over time. The program’s results indicate that a gunshot report can be between 140 and 190 dB, which would cause immediate damage.

    Many European nations with very strong gun restrictions allow ownership of suppressors. Great Britain requires them by law on all hunting rifles. If forty-two U.S. states and many strict gun control European nations see suppressors as a positive health safety item, then why can’t our elected leaders entrusted with the duty to protect the health and well being of the people see the issue in the same way?

    On the national level, New York Representatives Chris Collins, Claudia Tenney and Lee Zeldin, along with 158 other Republicans and three Democrats, co-sponsored the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. 367). It was introduced by Representative Jeff Duncan (S.C. 3). Eventually, it was inserted into the Sportsmen’s Heritage Recreational Enhancement Act (H.R. 3668). The measure would have amended the federal criminal code to preempt state or local laws that tax or regulate firearm silencers as well as ending the $200 national tax. It was discharged successfully from several committees. Unfortunately, due to political considerations, it never made it to a full House vote where you could have seen how your elected representatives stood on the issue. 

  • 11/12/2018 3:39 PM | Anonymous

    By Attilio Contini, Secretary-Ulster County S.C.O.P.E. 

    We continually hear the talking heads tell us the Democrats have an identity crisis. They tell us they don't know who they are but nothing could be further from the truth. They know full well. The Democrats’ problem is: they have become afraid to openly admit who they are and what they stand for.

    They are afraid the American people are not ready to accept a class society where the enlightened five percent of them rule the rest of us from our cradle to the grave. They are afraid we are not ready to relinquish all our freedom and let them abolish our Constitution. In 2016 they were confident that after eight years of Obama-style socialism the American people were willing to accept the nanny-state hook, line and sinker. They had a rude awakening when Donald Trump came along with “Love America” and “Make America Great Again”.

    All of a sudden, the voters responded with: Yes, we still love our Country and our Constitution, and we don't want a corrupt, criminal, degenerate, totalitarian class society. They were so ready to strike the final blow on our Free American system of government that they refuse to accept Trump's election.

    They have resorted to a concerted effort of lying, deception, sabotage, and twisting or reversal of the reality of the situation to make the American people think, believe, that Trump and Conservative Republicans are the enemy of the people and the Republic. They are afraid of the truth. They know that if the truth be known the people will drive them out of office.

    So far they appear to have not been able to devise a plan that will hood wink the people into believing they are still the best thing since sliced bread and are the champions of the down trodden. The Fake News tells us that they could very well prevail this November. Maybe so! They have all the wild cards including the mass media. All we have is Donald Trump. One man can do only so much against the odds of entrenched brainwashing and misinformation to keep the voters misinformed.

    They have a world view that should have no place in a free country and society. We must realize the biggest security threat we have in this Country today is the enlightenment elitist Democrat Party with its entrenched 5th column Washington establishment. Our two-party system has degenerated into an almost threeparty dilemma where the new parties should be called: the Treason Party, the Don't Rock The Boat Party, and the Make America Great Again Party. We are dealing with people who are out to destroy this country politically, economically, morally, and socially. They have infested Washington to the point where they are using various agencies and the system to destroy and undermine everything and everyone who challenges them.

    We frequently talk of cooperation and compromise. Do we actually see much of it in Washington and Albany anymore? It always seems the Democratic notion of compromise is: We take and the Republicans must give. The middle ground is always somewhere left of center. The problem has evolved and now it seems the liberal view point has shifted so far to the extreme left that so-called moderate is now extremely liberal.

    The so-called progressives consider themselves better than the rest of us. They have become intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. Only one side is welcome to the table of ideas. All others are irrelevant and are considered inferior extreme, irrational, false, wrong or evil. They put down, belittle, demonize, and defame everyone who disagrees with them.

    They refuse to accept let alone listen to anyone with different points of view. All opportunity for compromise is unacceptable. Their intolerance has become their hallmark. This is why we are experiencing the divisiveness and total non acceptance of Donald Trump as our elected President. They think they are so much better and smarter than the rest of us that they believe they have the right to force their philosophy on us.

    They refuse to accept or allow others to prevail, because they think we are obligated to do as they say. They even think they have the right to use the Government to suppress anyone who opposes them and are doing so. They are so arrogant that they believe they have the right to force President Trump out of office at all costs or impeach him, because he is “unfit and unqualified” to hold any public office let alone be President. In their mind he is too “deplorable” to be President. How dared he be elected!

    They have become condescending elitists, Gods unto themselves, who think they are predestined to control and rule the rest of us. How dare we challenge them! No one's opinion or belief is worth anything except theirs. They talk about Democracy and equality but only for them.

    So where does gun control fit into the scheme of things? Well, elitism is like a puzzle. They are already using violence! At some point we, the American people, are going to have to say, enough! Did you notice that Obama made a comment that his biggest regret was that he was not able to get more gun controls? He knows they need the means to be able to confiscate all guns swiftly and completely before the revolt starts.

    Look at where this whole anti- Trump movement is going. The movement has been growing for years. The current corrupt sinister game actually began in 2010. Think about it. The elitists have infested our government and have a stranglehold on our higher educational system. Obama planted like-minded people thru out various departments and agencies where they can organize the total police state they plan for us. Today these people are working 24 hours a day obstructing and destroying everything Trump tries to do. It is amazing that Trump has accomplished as much as he has.

    We are teetering on the edge of the cliff. We almost stepped off into the abyss of the enlightenment world view. It is time we realize what the consequences of that will be. We must step back and return to the traditionalism.

    We cannot let the Swamp swallow up President Trump!  

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