An ‘Identity Crisis’ for Democrats or Fear of Admitting the Truth?

11/12/2018 3:39 PM | Anonymous

By Attilio Contini, Secretary-Ulster County S.C.O.P.E. 

We continually hear the talking heads tell us the Democrats have an identity crisis. They tell us they don't know who they are but nothing could be further from the truth. They know full well. The Democrats’ problem is: they have become afraid to openly admit who they are and what they stand for.

They are afraid the American people are not ready to accept a class society where the enlightened five percent of them rule the rest of us from our cradle to the grave. They are afraid we are not ready to relinquish all our freedom and let them abolish our Constitution. In 2016 they were confident that after eight years of Obama-style socialism the American people were willing to accept the nanny-state hook, line and sinker. They had a rude awakening when Donald Trump came along with “Love America” and “Make America Great Again”.

All of a sudden, the voters responded with: Yes, we still love our Country and our Constitution, and we don't want a corrupt, criminal, degenerate, totalitarian class society. They were so ready to strike the final blow on our Free American system of government that they refuse to accept Trump's election.

They have resorted to a concerted effort of lying, deception, sabotage, and twisting or reversal of the reality of the situation to make the American people think, believe, that Trump and Conservative Republicans are the enemy of the people and the Republic. They are afraid of the truth. They know that if the truth be known the people will drive them out of office.

So far they appear to have not been able to devise a plan that will hood wink the people into believing they are still the best thing since sliced bread and are the champions of the down trodden. The Fake News tells us that they could very well prevail this November. Maybe so! They have all the wild cards including the mass media. All we have is Donald Trump. One man can do only so much against the odds of entrenched brainwashing and misinformation to keep the voters misinformed.

They have a world view that should have no place in a free country and society. We must realize the biggest security threat we have in this Country today is the enlightenment elitist Democrat Party with its entrenched 5th column Washington establishment. Our two-party system has degenerated into an almost threeparty dilemma where the new parties should be called: the Treason Party, the Don't Rock The Boat Party, and the Make America Great Again Party. We are dealing with people who are out to destroy this country politically, economically, morally, and socially. They have infested Washington to the point where they are using various agencies and the system to destroy and undermine everything and everyone who challenges them.

We frequently talk of cooperation and compromise. Do we actually see much of it in Washington and Albany anymore? It always seems the Democratic notion of compromise is: We take and the Republicans must give. The middle ground is always somewhere left of center. The problem has evolved and now it seems the liberal view point has shifted so far to the extreme left that so-called moderate is now extremely liberal.

The so-called progressives consider themselves better than the rest of us. They have become intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. Only one side is welcome to the table of ideas. All others are irrelevant and are considered inferior extreme, irrational, false, wrong or evil. They put down, belittle, demonize, and defame everyone who disagrees with them.

They refuse to accept let alone listen to anyone with different points of view. All opportunity for compromise is unacceptable. Their intolerance has become their hallmark. This is why we are experiencing the divisiveness and total non acceptance of Donald Trump as our elected President. They think they are so much better and smarter than the rest of us that they believe they have the right to force their philosophy on us.

They refuse to accept or allow others to prevail, because they think we are obligated to do as they say. They even think they have the right to use the Government to suppress anyone who opposes them and are doing so. They are so arrogant that they believe they have the right to force President Trump out of office at all costs or impeach him, because he is “unfit and unqualified” to hold any public office let alone be President. In their mind he is too “deplorable” to be President. How dared he be elected!

They have become condescending elitists, Gods unto themselves, who think they are predestined to control and rule the rest of us. How dare we challenge them! No one's opinion or belief is worth anything except theirs. They talk about Democracy and equality but only for them.

So where does gun control fit into the scheme of things? Well, elitism is like a puzzle. They are already using violence! At some point we, the American people, are going to have to say, enough! Did you notice that Obama made a comment that his biggest regret was that he was not able to get more gun controls? He knows they need the means to be able to confiscate all guns swiftly and completely before the revolt starts.

Look at where this whole anti- Trump movement is going. The movement has been growing for years. The current corrupt sinister game actually began in 2010. Think about it. The elitists have infested our government and have a stranglehold on our higher educational system. Obama planted like-minded people thru out various departments and agencies where they can organize the total police state they plan for us. Today these people are working 24 hours a day obstructing and destroying everything Trump tries to do. It is amazing that Trump has accomplished as much as he has.

We are teetering on the edge of the cliff. We almost stepped off into the abyss of the enlightenment world view. It is time we realize what the consequences of that will be. We must step back and return to the traditionalism.

We cannot let the Swamp swallow up President Trump!  

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