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History First Hand

07/31/2021 9:39 AM | Anonymous

History First Hand  by Tom Reynolds

For most of us, history is something remote, something we read about.  George Washington is someone who now lives only in books – but so does James Bond.  Who is real and who is not? 

It’s exciting when we get to meet real history and hear about history, first hand. We get to experience that on October 16th, when Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North will be the featured speaker at SCOPE’s banquet in Utica.  Not only will he speak but he will be available from 4PM to 5:45 PM in a reception.

Imagine the excitement of serving in the White House and then imagine the added excitement of serving in Ronald Reagan’s White House.  From 1983-86 North served as Counter-Terrorism Coordinator on the National Security Council staff. He helped plan the rescue of U.S. students in Grenada, the liberation of American hostages, the capture of the Achille Lauro hijackers and the raids on Muammar Gadhafi’s terror bases; after which he was targeted for assassination by Abu Nidal’s Islamic Jihad. And, yes, he was also at the center of the Iran Contra Affair. 

It has been almost a half century since the Vietnam War ended.  North was there, in combat, and was decorated for his actions.

We’ve seen testimony before Congress with politicians bending facts while they harass witnesses for political purposes.  North went through that.

In addition to his military and political experience, Oliver Laurence North is an American television host, political commentator and a military historian. He is a best-selling author and radio talk show host and also a TV host for the documentary War Stories.  He also holds three patents.

We are seeing many challenges.  October 16th will be a chance to hear from him on some of today’s biggest issues:

  • Why is Critical Race Theory being forcibly taught to our military?  Does it improve combat preparedness, ability or morale? 
  • We are pulling out of Afghanistan and leaving it to an enemy we had chased out.  What does North think of that?
  • The Biden administration has all but declared war on the 2nd Amendment.  As the former President of the NRA, what are his suggestions for fighting back?
  • North has a forthcoming book, We Didn’t Fight for Socialism.  That’s a timely subject for discussion. 

Have a question?  You may get a chance to ask him.

    It’s said that 75% of life is just showing up.  If you don’t show up on October 16th, you miss the chance of a lifetime.

    In addition to North, included in the day is a tour of the Remington Museum.  There is more history, up close and personal.

    See the links below to get tickets.     

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