Federal Legislation

  • Bills in the House of Representatives are 'HR'
  • Bills in the Senate are 'S'
  • Bills with both 'HR' and 'S' mean companion bills have been proposed in both houses.

HR0645 S0045 No public school firearms and firearm training

HR0748 S0190 Safe storage where minor or ineligible person is in residence

HR0825 S0281 $50 million / year for CDC research on firearm safety and gun violence

HR0008 Expands NICS background check to every firearm sale and transfer, even temporary

HR0030 Limits 3rd party firearms purchases

HR0038 Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

HR0095 Removes silencers from definition of firearms. DOJ must destroy silencer records

HR0121 Hire 200 ATFE Agents

HR0125 7 day waiting period on transfers of semi automatics (and others)

HR0127 Psychological exam + $800 insurance +21 to possess a firearm. License and registration

HR0130 Firearm Safe Storage Act

HR0135 Report on transfers to ineligibles after 3 day NICS failure

HR0167 Only FFL's transfer firearms at gun shows

HR0194 Report on NICS check denials

HR0225 Allow interstate transportation of firearm and ammo

HR0355 Notify ICE if illegal alien submits NICS check

HR0405 No lead ammo on federal lands

HR0647 No interstate long gun sales

HR0716 30 day public notice and reporting on Executive Orders concerning gun rights

HR0880 Put firearms under Consumer Product Safety Commission also

HR0882 Prohibit sale/transfer of firearm to high risk individual

HR0933 No funds for anti 2A research. Remove short barrel rifles from National Firearms Act

HR1004 Requires liability insurance to buy firearm

HR1006 NICS check on all gun show sales

HR1027 Permits armed forces to conceal carry on bases

HR1446 Expands NICS check deadline beyond 3 days

HR1454 Firearm assembly kits to be considered firearms

HR1477 Modernize undetectable firearms act of 1988

HR1567 Allow LEO's & retired LEO's to carry firearm in school zone

S0183 Inform FBI about people investigated for terrorism who submit NICS check

S0292 Mandates state have Extreme Risk Protective Orders for up to 12 months

S0525 Interstate transportation of firearms and ammo

S0529 Require background check for every firearm sale

S0591 NICS check must be complete for FFL to sell firearm

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