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We are asking our members to TAKE ACTION!
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* Each bill has a reason listed of why it should be opposed/supported

OPPOSE    S140: Would revoke a license to carry, possess, repair, and dispose of firearms for a conviction for failure to safely store rifles.                              shotguns, and firearms.

         * No conviction for any crime is necessary, just fail to store your firearms in accordance with NYS regulations and you would lose your             2A rights.

OPPOSE    S138/A06663A:  To remove the National Rifle Association from the list of entities authorized to grant certificates as instructors in                                                small arms practice.

         * The NRA has a decades long record of first-rate firearm instruction. Why would it be removed from the list of eligible instructors for             anything but political reasons?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         __________________________________________________________________________________________

OPPOSE     A08443:  Grants the Attorney General the power to investigate, prosecute and seek injunctive relief for the sale of illegal                                                  firearms and ammunition.

           * Article I Section 8 of the U S Constitution says that the U S Congress regulates interstate commerce.

OPPOSE     S04150:  Relates to limiting the acquisition of a rifle or shotgun to one per ninety-day period.

* Infringes on right to keep and bear arms. A step towards restricting purchase of guns.

OPPOSE     A03314:  Requires liability insurance for owners of firearms, rifles and shotguns. (Must have liability insurance BEFORE                                                             ownership or BEFORE an issuance of a gun license)

                      S6033:  Any person in this state who shall own a firearm shall, prior to such ownership, obtain and continuously maintain a policy                                  of liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars. Failure to maintain such insurance shall result in the                                  immidiate revocation of such owner's registration. license and any other privilege to own such firearm.

* Increases the cost of firearms ownership for no constitutional reason. Most firearms’ crimes are committed with illegal weapons so it will have no impact on crime.

OPPOSE    S00930/A01566:  Restricts the sale of ammunition to only individuals authorized to possess such weapon; creates the no-gun                                                                 database under the division of criminal justice services. 

  •  A person is guilty of criminal sale of firearm ammunition when such person sells any firearm ammunition to a person not authorized pursuant to law to possess a firearm capable of firing such ammunition
  • Create a no-gun database containing name, date of birth and any other appropriate information as deemed necessary by the division of criminal justice service. The division will allow for any person selling a firearm or firearm ammunition with the state to check the no-gun database for the buyer of such firearm or firearm ammunition.

* Firearms are useless without ammunition. Backdoor way of eliminating guns. No responsible study shows it would reduce crime.

OPPOSE   S02978:  Relates to prohibiting the possession of certain 50 caliber firearms; directs the division of state police to embark on a                                              program whereby persons currently in lawful possession of such weapons may be reimbursed for the fair market value                                          thereof upon turning in such weapons to a designated officer

* Laws already exist prohibiting machine guns (Firearm Owners Protect Act – 1986) . Existing 50 caliber weapons are single shot, bolt action rifles. Additionally, 50-caliber weapon shooting matches (Long range competitions) are conducted around the country. currently NY State ranks 4th lowest with number of gun deaths in the United States. No gun deaths come from a 50-caliber weapon.

OPPOSE   A00754: Prohibits entry to gun shows to anyone under 12 years of age.

* Leftists believe kids under 12 can change their gender without parent’s approval but cannot walk into a gun show with their parent. This is an attempt to dry up the next generation of gun owners.

OPPOSE   A00442: Establishes the offense of unlawful possession of firearms by persons under 21.

* Under 21 can vote, serve the military, and change gender but cannot own a firearm? This is an attempt to dry up the next generation of gun owners.

SUPPORT   A05049/S02635: Relates to licensing and other provisions relating to firearms. (Repeal Concealed Carry Improvement Act)

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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