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June 18,2020 "Thank you" to the Boy Scouts for finding & recommending this site:  Basic Air Gun Safety

February 10, 2020 The Reputation of the AK-47 by Jay Chambers

November 8, 2019  Our Court System

October 28, 2019  Can Ammunition "Go Bad?"

Pictured here at the podium is New York State Senator Kevin Parker, who has recently been in the news proposing legislation to require gun owners forfeit a number of their constitutional rights, for as he would put it the privilege to possess a firearm. To add to his extensive history of violent criminal conduct Senator Parker just this week told a Republican female staffer to "kill herself."

This brings a couple of questions to mind. First, does Senator Parker possess any firearms? Second, given his history of violent behavior, especially violent behavior towards women, does he think he should be able to possess firearms?

Since Senator Parker thinks law-abiding New Yorker's should give up their rights to privacy, free speech, and due process to exercise their Second Amendment rights. We would like to know if the Senator possesses any rifles, shotguns or firearms and if he thinks he's entitled to possess any rifles, shotguns or firearms, given his criminal history? What say you, Senator Parker? As a public servant, who is willing to strip us of our constitutional rights you owe us an answer to these questions. Call and ask Senator Parker if he will answer these questions, 518-455-2580, email,

Finally, given Senator Parker's criminal history and his propensity for violence is he even suitable to hold public office? That is a question to ask Senator Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, her contact information is 518-455-2585, email:

New York is better than this and we deserve better representation in Albany. Below is a link to Senator Parker's Wikipedia page where you can read about his extensive criminal history.

June 15, 2018
What a shame that our LEGAL immigrants understand this so much more thoroughly than our naturalized citizens.

Click the link above to see an honestly direct testimony from one of those LEGAL immigrants.

SAFE ACT 2017 - Short Version

SAFE ACT 2017 - Long Version

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