Coming To A Town Near You…Part 1

Big city riots are coming to a small town near you and the 2nd Amendment may be your only defense when police refuse to protect law abiding citizens! 

Last week, pro Trump supporters in Ithaca (yes, there are Trump supporters in Ithaca) held a rally.  It was interrupted by counter demonstrators and turned violent, originated by the counter protesters who identify themselves as the Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  (Apparently, they don’t understand the part about “democratic” covering people with opposite opinions having the right to say and vote their opinions.)  The Ithaca police intervened, temporarily, when a main street was blocked, but eventually the police left.  The mayor of Ithaca is a kid (almost literally) who identifies with protesters, as long as they are left wing. Non-support by the Ithaca police should not have surprised anyone.

Faced with violent opposition, what will Trump supporters in Ithaca do?

Ithaca is in Tompkins County.  In response to this violence, the Tompkins County GOP said that the only appropriate response to the violence is to hold another rally next Saturday and that’s exactly what they plan to do.  “If the mob learns that they can intimidate people into silence, it’s over,” the GOP wrote on Facebook. “At that point, we no longer have freedom of expression in the place where we live. The ONLY way to show them that this doesn’t work is to show them that this will cause us to show up.  We hope to see you at the Back The Blue rally on Saturday”.

SCOPE has written previously about the importance of voting for down ballot candidates such as DA’s, sheriffs and Mayors and has given several examples of rogue DA’s who put their personal left-wing politics ahead of protecting law abiding citizens.  This lawlessness was previously confined to major cities and then we saw it spread to intermediate sized cities like Rochester.  Now that it’s in small cities like Ithaca, will your local towns and villages be far behind? 

Whether they are on the ballot this year or not, it would be wise to put your local officials on record as to how they will react.  Presumably, they are all going to say that peaceful protests are to be safeguarded.  But what will officials do after the first bottle is thrown?  When the first road is blocked? When MAGA hat wearers are accosted?  Will the authorities act swiftly to prevent this from continuing and spreading?  Do they have a plan to deal with the rioters, especially since the riots seem to not be spontaneous, are well organized and equipped and the rioters will probably outnumber the police?  Will they arrest and prosecute these lawbreakers?

It’s better to ask these questions now, before there is an immediate threat, and you can sort through your representatives and decide who is on your side.  Write an open letter to your Mayor, Sheriff, DA or County Administrator and copy the local media.  Ask that these questions be put on the local legislature’s / council’s agenda.  Go to the meetings and when there is time for public comments, ask these questions.  If any of these officials are on the ballot, it will be interesting to see how forthright they are in their answers.   

Below is a link to a news story describing what happened and below that is a link to the rioters patting themselves on the back.  Pay attention because it is coming to a town near you.

Complete list of Frontlines from SCOPE President, Tom Reynolds

S.C.O.P.E.'s Candidates’ Ratings on the 2nd Amendment

Neither the Constitution nor the Supreme Court has stopped the never-ending attacks by those that would disarm our citizens and whittle away at the Constitution.  It is imperative that we have political office holders who will preserve, protect and defend the entire Constitution, including the Second Amendment.  Toward that end, SCOPE has rated the following candidates as an “A” and believe they will work to preserve, protect and defend our right to keep and bear arms, as enshrined in our Constitution. 

For the United States Congress from New York State:

District 1       Lee Zeldin

District 3       George Devolder-Santos

District 14     John Cummings

District 18     Chele Farley

District 19     Kyle Van De Water

District 20     Liz Joy

District 21     Elise Stefanik

District 22     Claudia Tenney

District 23     Tom Reed    

District 24     John Katko

District 26     Ricky Donovan Sr

District 27     Chris Jacobs            

  Listed below is any New York State Senate candidate that got an A rating from at least one of either SCOPE, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA) or NRA-PVF (NRA).    

District 1       Anthony Palumbo              SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-B

District 2       Mario Mattera                    SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 3       Alexis Weik                          SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 4       Philip Boyle                          SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-C

District 5       Edmund Smythe                 SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 6       Dennis Dunne                     SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 7       David Franklin                     SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 9       Victoria Johnson                 SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-B

District 15     Thomas Sullivan                 SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-?     NRA-A

District 22     Vito Bruno                            SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 23     Justin DeFillippo                 SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-?     NRA-?

District 24     Andrew Lanza                     SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-C

District 30     Oz Sultan                              SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-?     NRA-A

District 37     Liviu Saimovici                    SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 39     Steve Brescia                       SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 40     Rob Astorino                       SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 41     Susan Serino                        SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 42     Mike Martucci                     SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 43     Daphne Jordan                    SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 45     Dan Stec                               SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 46     Richard Amedure               SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 47     Joseph Grippo                     SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 48     Patricia Ritchie                    SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 49     James Tedisco                     SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 50     Angi Renna                           SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 51     Peter Oberacker                 SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 52     Fred Ashkar                          SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 53     Sam Rogers                          SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-?

District 54     Pamela Helming                 SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 55     Christopher Missick           SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 56     Michael Barry                      SCOPE-?        NYSRPA-A     NRA-A           

District 57     George Borrello                  SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 58     Thomas O’Mara                 SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A           

District 59     Patrick Gallivan                   SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A           

District 60     Joshua Mertzlufft               SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 61     Edward Rath                        SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

District 62     Rob Ortt                                SCOPE-A       NYSRPA-A     NRA-A

Click here to download a Pdf copy of this ratings list.

Safe ACT 2013

We know the badly named “SAFE” Act is unSAFE when it comes to civil liberties like due process.  This fact is never mentioned by Mr. Cuomo nor many of our elected state officials — purposeful ignorance.  They focus on the 2nd Amendment rather than let people know they’re also going after the 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments.

The SAFE Act (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013) is touted as a “gun control” law, but it is really about control...      Full Article


Complete list of Briefings                         


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