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O Canada

12/20/2022 10:53 AM | Anonymous

O Canada  by Tom Reynolds

On November 29th, SCOPE wrote about Joe Biden’s struggles with the truth.  S.C.O.P.E. Shooters Committee On Political Education - Biden’s Meanderings (  Then on December 12th, we wrote how the news media tends to give a heavy leftward slant to the news, so the lies and mis-information of Biden, and other Liberals, do not reach the majority of Americans.  S.C.O.P.E. Shooters Committee On Political Education - Pit Bulls and Propaganda ( 

Lying is not limited to just the United States.  Not facing blowback on their lies, Liberals worldwide are empowered to double down.  Our neighbor to the north is no exception.

The liberal movement to ban all guns from civilian ownership is alive and well in Canada.  Their gun grabbers are like American gun grabbers in that they keep coming back with more attempts at gun control.  And like American Liberals, they can’t stop lying about what they are doing.

For example, Canadian proposed law Bill C-21 got an amendment that included a schedule of long guns to be criminalized.  Trying to hide what they are doing, Liberals deny that any hunting arms will be caught in the ban, even though this is easily shown to be a lie.

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino tweeted: “Don’t believe the hype. We are focusing on assault-style firearms, not hunting rifles.”

Bill C-21 goes beyond even the most charitable definition of the term “assault style,” which in Canada typically refers to rifles with pistol grips, black coloring, semi-automatic action and other military-inspired aesthetics. Dozens of firearm models included in the Bill C-21 amendments have wood stocks and actions that do not allow rapid fire.

“Mendicino said in the House of Commons: “We are not targeting law-abiding gun owners. We are not targeting guns that are commonly used for hunting.”

The Bill C-21 ban list applies to law-abiding gun owners; it seeks to criminalize behavior that has previously been legal and regulated. Of course, the proposed legislation has no effect whatsoever on Canada’s gun criminals, who have already abandoned their adherence to firearms legislation.

Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi said: “We respect the sustenance rights of Indigenous peoples. We are not targeting those rights whatsoever.”

C-21 proposes to ban quite a few firearms that are currently in active use among Indigenous hunters, trappers and outfitters. While Bill C-21 doesn’t place any specific curbs on Indigenous hunting rights, it will obviously affect the ability of Indigenous Canadians to hunt as it would become a crime to have their guns outside the home, without explicit authorization.

Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed tweeted: “Let’s be clear: we’re not banning hunting rifles & shotguns.”

In 2020, the Trudeau government banned more than 1,500 types of firearms that it deemed to be “assault-style;” the list was largely driven by aesthetics. This time around, the ban is so sweeping that it will criminalize the gun of hunters who have avoided firearms that carry even a whiff of military aesthetic.

Mendicino also said  that the bill will only “go after those AR-15-style firearms that were used in the likes of Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique was a 1989 mass shooting in which 14 people were murdered by a Ruger Mini-14, not an AR 15. (The official coroner’s report into the massacre concluded that the rate of fire was immaterial to the number of victims, and that the gunman likely could have murdered just as many with a bolt action rifle.)  Bill C-21 would ban numerous firearms that could not be more different from an AR-15, including several antique models of break-action shotguns.

Liberal MP Pam Damoff said in the House of Commons: “The government has been very clear that it is not targeting the guns commonly used for hunting.”

Bill C-21 does ban many guns “commonly used for hunting.” However, the law's defenders claim it’s possible that the legislation’s creators weren’t intending to do so.  (Oops, I didn’t know the gun was loaded?)  Apparently, many of those pushing Bill C-21 know little about firearms. Liberal MP Michael McLeod, a hunter and gun collector and a tentative opponent of Bill C-21, said he’s often in caucus meetings with urban Liberals who “see guns from a city/urban standpoint and look at it through that lens.”

At SCOPE we tend to focus on laws and actions that directly affect firearms but those that indirectly affect us are just as dangerous to our rights.  We cannot lose sight of the impact of the Liberal media on most people.  I’ll bet Canadians are mostly reading about C-21 not affecting hunting.

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