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News You Can Use – Or Not

01/23/2023 5:29 PM | Anonymous

News You Can Use – Or Not  by Tom Reynolds

It’s Monday - and not a Federal Holiday - which hasn’t happened much, lately. So, you’re back to work!  Start your week out with a laugh.  Or at least something to show you that the people trying to ban guns are just as rabid about other things.

California legislators voted to phase out gasoline-powered car sales by 2035.

Wyoming’s legislature is considering a resolution that calls for a phaseout of new electric vehicle sales by 2035.

What if more fossil fuel states and Red states passed similar legislation!  The left would simply say that Wyoming was being divisive, while California was worshipping at Greta’s Grail.

Legal Insurrection’s Professor William Jacobson said that administrators and faculty who advocate for open borders do not want the words “illegal applied to people who cross the border - illegally.

He believes word-banning neutralizes opposition in order to impose authoritarianism.  “They monitor your language, they get you to use language that only they approve, and once you’ve done that with somebody…that’s enormous control.”

Note: ICE also banned use of “illegal alien” in 2021.

SCOPE suggests as possibilities: Undocumented tourists?  Visiting drug dealers?  Biden’s blunderers?  Paperwork challenged? Freebie Foragers Mayorkas’ Mob.

Let’s ban the words “Assault Weapon.”

A libertarian higher education expert proposed measures to improve higher education funding by ultimately phasing out all aid programs because they inflate tuition

What?  Government subsidies promote inflation?  If that’s so, the current general inflation would be caused, at least in part, by…government spending.  You know…things like green energy subsidies. 

Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey wrote that, “if [government agencies] are going to be the lenders, they should assess somebody’s ability to enroll in a program and succeed instead of giving out…loans regardless of whether they are going to succeed.”

Repay a loan you voluntarily taken put? Do a cost / benefit analysis of your college degree?  That’s personal responsibility!  Be careful, if that gets around it will destroy the whole liberal movement.

Last Will and Testament of a Gas-Stove Owner

Bottom of Form

My body is faint. Even now, reality spins as if demons had put Earth within the dryer — that gaseous beast — and set it to tumble low.

We sent the children to our Amish friend, just in time; it’s too late for us, though. 

If only we hadn’t renovated the kitchen. Joanna Gaines has killed us all with her painted shiplap and brass pot fillers installed above those . . . those stovetops.

The blue flames — they were so comforting. We should have known they were will-o’-the-wisps in the bog, leading us to doom.

For years we spent our days before that flickering, azure, Promethean shrine, not knowing, not caring to know. We now lie expired upon the suburban savannah, poisoned and stupefied. 

Like the Israelites stricken by the serpents for their faithlessness, we are now punished for our sins of conveniently heating soup and centrally heating our homes. Where is Moses? Where is the snake upon the staff to heal us?

Biden, forgive us, for we knew not what we did. 

Saint Greta, pray for us.

SCOPE wrote about this issue a few months ago* and it may have been fixed.  Or as fixed as anything ever is fixed in NY City.

New York City officials have agreed to remove 441,083 ineligible voters from its voter rolls after a legal watchdog found the liberal-led government refused to clean up its list of voters as required by federal law.

Judicial Watch, a non-profit public interest law firm, filed the lawsuit after an investigation found that in six years, out of 5.5 million voters, only 22 names had been removed for moving away, dying or otherwise becoming ineligible to vote.

There is no word about how many of the 441,083 voted in recent elections.

S.C.O.P.E. Shooters Committee On Political Education - Seems reasonable. If you’re dead you shouldn’t vote. (

And under the category of “they can’t get much dumber”…

FOX News’ talking head Geraldo Rivera backed President Biden’s push for an “assault weapons” ban.

On The Five, Rivera told its co-hosts that the AR-15 was a “machine gun” that people own in order to make them feel “macho.”  (I could make a lot of jokes about this but the only nice one is: What about women who own the AR 15?)

A machine gun?  Really?  Where does Rivera get his information from: John Wick movies?

Greg Gutfeld then asked Rivera, “What does ‘AR’ stand for?”

Rivera responded, “Automatic rifle.”


You can’t fix stupid!

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