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Chairman of Joint Chiefs

05/30/2023 3:21 PM | Anonymous

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff  by Tom Reynolds

On Memorial Day we honored those that gave their lives to preserve our country and its values.  That included 405,000 in World War 2.  An unanswered question is: how many of those lives were lost because of bad leadership?

The assumption is that when someone reaches the level of general, they have the necessary ability to lead our military.  But according to the NY Times, “…at least 16 of the 155 generals who commanded divisions in combat during the war (WW2) were relieved while in combat.”  (Over 10%.)  And that doesn’t include the more than 600 officers of various ranks forced out in the two years prior to America’s entry into the war when, under Army Chief of Staff George Marshall, the Army did not hesitate to rid itself of those promoted to their level of incompetence.

Since then, the military changed and seems to have adopted the attitude, “There but for the grace of God go I.”  Infrequent firings of general officers are done by the civilian leadership, not by the Army hierarchy.  This puts politics before competence.

Many SCOPE members proudly served in the U S Armed Forces and take seriously our national defense, which brings us to General Mark Milley who is retiring as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Some of the highlights of Milley’s tenure as the highest-ranking officer in the U S military:

According to a CNN report, Milley organized the national security apparatus to monitor and interfere with any orders President Trump may have given to the military.

Also per CNN, Milley secretly called the chief of the Chinese military to assure him that if the U.S. were to attack China, Milley would give the Chinese military advance notice.

Milley presided over the withdrawal from Afghanistan in which billions of dollars in equipment was left to make the Taliban, per Oliver North at the SCOPE banquet, ‘the best armed terrorist organization in the world.’  Not to mention the soldiers needlessly killed in the withdrawal and allies left behind to the Taliban’s ‘mercy.’

Military recruitment has tanked under Milley’s Woke priorities and the mandated vaccine requirements; the latter led to experienced personnel leaving military service rather than take the vaccine.

A Chinese Communist spy balloon traversed the United States, including travelling over secret defense areas, before being shot down.  The balloon’s presence was kept secret from the American public until a civilian reported it.

U S weapons stockpiles are low due to the shipment to Ukraine, which limits our ability to deter China from invading Taiwan.

In spite of the many honors and salutes Milley will receive as he goes-out-the-door, our attitude should be, don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.

So, we can look forward to Joe Biden’s new pick to be Chairman.  Wait…Biden selects the Chairman!  The same guy that picked Kamala Harris for Vice President and Pete Buttigieg for his cabinet.  The same guy that picked Kathleen Hicks to be Deputy Secretary of Defense: (she’s the military strategist whose priority is for the military to convert all its non-tactical vehicles to all electric.) 

Who has Biden nominated to be the next Chairman?

Legal Insurrection says, “Air Force General Charles Q. “C.Q.” Brown, currently the Air Force Chief of Staff, who, on Thursday, President Biden nominated to replace Milley, is even worse, (than Milley) if that can possibly be true.” 

Under General Brown, the Air Force has become the most woke of the major service branches.

Why does Legal Insurrection say that?

During the Black Lives Matter race riots, Brown, a black man, released a video in which he appeared in uniform and took political positions concerning race, something that would have gotten a white officer court martialed.  Brown endorsed Black Lives Matter and subsequently forced ‘racial struggle sessions’ on Air Force officers.

As Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Brown authorized a racist document that establishes “officer quotas set by race and gender”. Brown’s quotas limit the number of white officers to 67% and cut white men down to 43%.  He believes his racist and illegal policy is necessary because “diversity and inclusion” are the “key to the success of any organization.

I wonder if Brown would impose racial quotas on the NBA?  After all, lack of a meritocracy in pro basketball would not be as damaging to the country as the lack of a meritocracy in the military.   Oh wait, the NBA entertains us and that is much more important than defending the Constitution. (Sarcasm intended.)  

Instead of focusing on war fighting, Brown like Milley is focused on creating a racial divide under the guise of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE).  That acronym seems particularly appropriate for the military.

Air Force readiness rates continued to drop even as the service became more diverse.  The Air Force has not hit its aircraft readiness rates and the mission critical rates for fighter jets are catastrophic. In 2022, on Brown’s watch, the F-35A rates fell to 54%. That’s barely 1 in 2 available planes.

General George Marshall would have relieved Brown but President Biden sees someone who prioritizes Biden’s social programs at the expense of military preparedness. 

It’s often said that elections have consequences and we usually refer to federal judicial appointees whose lifetime appointments last well beyond the tenure of the president who nominates them.  The same can be said of senior military officers, even though they do not have lifetime appointments.  The damage done by Milley would take years to offset and if Brown is confirmed…

Fortunately, Brown’s nomination must be approved by the Senate and we need to let the Senate know that the military must be a meritocracy and there is no room at the top for a racist like Brown.

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