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Working Together

06/12/2023 12:57 PM | Anonymous

Working Together  by Tom Reynolds

At the time of the Constitutional Convention, what was to become the United States were thirteen individual ‘nation states’ that, for the most part, didn’t trust or particularly like each other.  But, they recognized the need for a central government to deal with specific issues. 

It wasn’t just North versus South but big states versus small states, agricultural states versus manufacturing states and slave states versus free states.  They all realized that, if they were to survive with some level of individual rights and self-government, they needed to unite and work together.

Perhaps the only thing they shared was a distrust of a strong central government.  They compromised on issues, for the greater good, and worked together to form our Constitution.

It worked!

Fast forward 234 years and I was pleasantly surprised to see this statement at the beginning of an article in Ammoland: “The Second Amendment Foundation today said it welcomes the National Rifle Association’s request to join in a federal lawsuit filed by SAF and its associates in a challenge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ new ‘“arm brace rule.’

Kathy Hochul and New York State’s outright defiance of the Supreme Court’s NYSRPA versus Bruen decision brought many 2nd Amendment defense groups into a fight against Hochul.  Unfortunately, they all went to war individually even though they had a common enemy. For example, there are at least four separate law suits challenging Hochul’s rules against carrying firearms for security in houses of worship. 

While there may be some justification for attacking from different positions, each law suit carries a price tag in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention missing the advantages of a united front.  

One of the left’s tactics is to bankrupt 2nd Amendment groups by passing unconstitutional laws in multiple ‘blue’ states, forcing state by state lawsuits.  It would seem that, like the original thirteen states, a united front would be necessary for financial reasons and, thus, SCOPE applauds the SAF and the NRA for working together on an issue.

Prior to World War 2, Winston Churchill was one of the most bitter foes of the Communism and the Soviet Union.  But after Hitler invaded the USSR, Churchill’s foe became his ally.  When Churchill was challenged about this new position he responded: If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.” 

Like our founding fathers, Churchill recognized the need for a united action in the face of an enemy.

Does anyone doubt the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (better known as the ATF) is leading the Biden administration’s fight to neuter the 2nd Amendment.  It is as much the 2nd Amendment’s enemy as Communism was Churchill’s enemy. 

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is joining with the ATF in offering an increased reward for the arrest and conviction of criminals responsible for stealing guns from Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) gun dealers.  In addition, Senate Republicans have introduced a bill to increase penalties for thefts from FFL retailers. 

The ATF under Biden (and perhaps under any president) will never be a friend of 2A.  But this is better than just making a favorable reference to the devil, this is using the devil for our own purposes.

Over the last seven years, SCOPE has recognized the need for working together with other 2nd Amendment defense organizations.  We have developed alliances, big and small, with other 2A groups.

You probably all remember SCOPE’s recent fund raising drive to support GOA-NY’s lawsuits which resulted in $15,000 in contributions from state SCOPE as well as our chapters and our members.  SCOPE realized that it does not have the financial resources to fight Hochul by itself in court but it can contribute to supporting another 2A organization’s lawsuits.  Not many organizations would fund raise for a second organization.

Check out the recent Firing Lines and you will see ads supporting Armed Women of America.  In addition, the Steuben Chapter has actively worked to support them financially.

Firing Lines also has featured articles by Doctor Robert Young of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership.  He was also one of our featured speakers at the recent Members Meeting and he has combined to write some past emails to members.

SCOPE has been working with Niagara SAFE (Second Amendment Forever) and Congresswoman Claudia Tenney to start a grass roots movement to overrule the ‘One man one vote’ doctrine that is depriving us of our vote in New York State.

New York Citizens Audit is featured in Firing Lines and they have authored emails to SCOPE members.

There are other organizations that SCOPE is working with and this is also working in the other direction.  Other organizations are quoting SCOPE in their materials and distributing our emails to members to their members.  We have had requests from as far away as Florida and Georgia to use our materials.

But at the heart of SCOPE are our chapters which have a symbiotic relationship to state SCOPE; we each strengthen each other.  Our chapters give us access to local governments that few other organizations can match.  While combined together at the state level, we have the relationships mentioned above as well as higher visibility amongst elected officials. 

Like the proverbial fingers which have limited strength but when combined into a fist become a weapon, our chapters become a stronger weapon when combined. 

SCOPE will continue to seek out relationships and combinations which make all of us a greater force in the fight to protect our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment!

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

PO Box 165
East Aurora, NY 14052

SCOPE is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.

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