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Let’s Not Kill the Lawyers

09/07/2023 3:14 PM | Anonymous

Let’s Not Kill the Lawyers  by Tom Reynolds

The 2nd Amendment is not going anywhere so the gun grabbers are looking for ways to backdoor 2A into impotence.  For instance: drive FFL’s out of business; make owning a gun very expensive; make purchasing guns and ammo very bureaucratic, to name just a few.

Legal Insurrection ran a story on George Washington University Law School student Tahmineh Dehbozorgi.  Her family emigrated from Iran after the takeover by Islamic radicals in 1979.  She is concerned about what she is seeing in America’s legal system and made comparisons to Iran.  Specifically, she is concerned about another tactic of the left: scaring lawyers away from defending clients that the left considers enemies.  (People like Donald Trump and his supporters or anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment would make the left’s enemies list.) 

For instance, she says, unlike Iran, “nobody, no party, should be using the justice system for their political gain.”  (Could she have been thinking about the Department of Injustice under Attorney General Merrick Garland?)

Dehbozorgi highlighted that the Islamic regime used guilt-by-association tactics to prosecute lawyers who represented the regime’s opponents.  When she saw that President Trump’s legal advisers were being indicted along with him, it sounded like guilt by association to her

After appearing on Fox and Friends she tweeted: “As a law student, seeing attorneys named as co-conspirators and threatened to have their licenses revoked only because they gave legal advice to former President Trump worries me. This is against the very nature of the American justice system I’ve long aspired to be a part of.”

The morning after she tweeted about her Fox appearance, Maryland lawyer and Democratic National Committee operative Robbie Leonard seemed to threaten her when he tweeted back: “If she’s in law school in Maryland, then please put me on her character committee interview.” 

Disagree with the left and they will punish you!  Passing her ‘character and fitness exam’ is essential for bar admission in every US jurisdiction and this sounds like a direct threat to her.  (Will anyone challenge Leonard’s personal character and fitness for making this threat?  Is Leonard – and the left – familiar with that 1st Amendment stuff about Free Speech?)

The 65 Project will spend millions to expose and try to disbar more than 100 lawyers who worked on Donald Trump’s post-election lawsuits.  It hopes to deter Republican lawyers from joining any future Republican election efforts.  In addition, 65 Project wants to shame Republican lawyers and make them toxic in their communities and their firms.  

The left would seem to be perfectly happy for the American judicial system to mimic Iran’s where Judges do the bidding of the political party in power.  Can you imagine challenging an election in Iran?  Iran would put you and your attorneys in prison. (Oh wait, isn’t that happening…?)  

Dehbozorgi explained that the Iranian people gave up their freedoms, little by little, to Iran’s Islamic Republic regime, in exchange for economic benefit:  Khomeini came in and promised free stuff: free school; free health care; free utilities. The Islamic Republic centralized the economic system and took away people’s social freedoms to maintain control.  (Couldn’t happen in the USA.  Giving up freedom for free stuff.  Nah.)

But Dehbozorgi is just a law student.  What about someone who has represented liberal causes for years and was a major part of the old American Civil Liberties Union. (As opposed to the new ACLU which usually bases constitutional rights on which political party one belongs to.)

For instance, what does Harvard emeritus professor Alan Dershowitz have to say about this attempt to banish lawyers who disagree with the left.

"I can tell you that six lawyers so far called me and said, 'We will not defend Trump even though we'd like to because of what happened to you, Alan Dershowitz, because you have been canceled.'"

Dershowitz has lost jobs and speaking engagements after representing Trump in the 1st impeachment trial,

Dershowitz also said that lawyers at big firms were being asked by their companies not to touch cases involving Trump.

Dershowitz continued, “The threats to the lawyers are greater than at any time since McCarthyism. Nor is the comparison to McCarthyism a stretch. I recall during the 1950s how civil liberties lawyers, many of whom despised communism, were cancelled, and attacked if they dared to represent people accused of being communists. Even civil liberties organizations stayed away from such cases, for fear that it would affect their fundraising and general standing in the community. It may even be worse today, as I can attest from my own personal experiences, having defended Trump against an unconstitutional impeachment in 2020. I was cancelled by my local library, community center and synagogue. Old friends refused to speak to me and threatened others who did. My wife, who disagreed with my decision to defend Trump, was also ostracized. There were physical threats to my safety.”

TV’s talking heads have of describing the legal actions against Donald Trump by saying that the USA is turning into a “Banana Republic.”  Perhaps, they should be describing it as an ‘Iranian Regime’, instead. 

If Hochul’s and Biden’s regimes come after your guns, you may need a lawyer. 

Oh yeah, and if you end up in court, it would be nice to have some 2nd Amendment supporters on the jury.  Remember that the next time you want to get out of jury duty.

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