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It Doesn’t Work

10/02/2023 8:52 PM | Anonymous

It Doesn’t Work – Who Cares  by Tom Reynolds

Thanks to Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the Gazzola v. Hochul case, which challenges the ammunition background check in New York, is headed to a ‘conference’ in the Supreme Court on Friday, October 6th.  The ‘conference’ will decide if the Supreme Court will hear the case on an expedited basis or let it work its way through the lower courts.

Cementing her challenge to Kamala Harris as not the sharpest tack in the box, Governor Hochul confused Gazzola v. Hochul with the Antonyuk v. Hochul case; she claimed that Justice Thomas was bringing the matter to conference to try to dismantle New York’s concealed carry provisions, but Gazzola deals with inspections and ammunition background checks. It does not touch things such as what the state deems sensitive areas. (There are other cases in process that challenge the latter.)

Hochul says she's confident the law will be upheld.

Rob Rosborough, a litigation attorney with Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP said: "I wouldn't expect the governor to say anything different…She's more of a politician than a legal scholar."

Note: SCOPE and its members have financially contributed to Gazzola.

Speaking of Gazzola and the new background checks…

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, a Democrat, who is also the president of the state Sheriff's Association. says the required background checks to purchase weapons or ammunition “…isn't going to keep New Yorkers safe.

Apple says that people who commit gun crimes don't buy their guns or ammo legally and they will go across state lines.  Hochul and the NY legislators “…believe it'll make people safe…I don't really know how."

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino says he continues to hear about delays in certain parts of the state, especially for people with minor crimes on their record from decades ago, or that had dismissed charges that trip the system.

Giardino said: "…when somebody was 17 years old, they stole a pack of cigarettes from a grocery store, they did community service and it was supposed to be dismissed.  And now all of a sudden this popped up."

Earlier this week, Governor Kathy Hochul said "The whole premise behind this is…for us to understand who has what weapons and what ammunition.”

Note: Hochul will know what guns and ammo law abiding gun owners have.  Criminals…not so much since, as Sheriff Apple said, criminals don’t buy guns and ammo legally. 


Legalizing marijuana was supposed to lead to a drop in crime.  Instead, it has created new crimes.

ABC7 in California reports that:

Amid California's ongoing drought, drug cartels have been stealing 2-3 million gallons of water a day to feed illegal marijuana grows in the Antelope Valley.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the cartels are "stealing water in the middle of the night from the farmers."  Villanueva said the stolen water is typically loaded onto tanker trucks and then delivered to the grow sites in the area. "The only tanker trucks out there are for the illegal marijuana grows," he said.



A King George, Va., man was cited by police after he was stopped by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers with a loaded handgun at one of the checkpoints at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Thursday, Sept. 21. The .22 caliber pistol was loaded with five bullets and was packed in the man’s carry-on bag.  Police confiscated the gun and cited the man on state charges.  (Emphasis added.)

The man blamed his wife and told officials that she packed his carry-on bag and did not know that he already had his loaded gun inside.

The lesson here is that if your wife is mad at you, don’t let her pack your bags.

California Senator Diane Feinstein died leaving the Democrats with a 50-49 advantage which puts Joe Manchin of West Virginia back in power as a deciding swing vote.

Breitbart had an interesting take on it - everyone else wins, because she was a senior Senator and brought lots of ‘goodies’ to California.  She will be replaced by a junior Senator without much influence and the ‘goodies’ will flow elsewhere.  Breitbart opines that Texas may be the biggest winner because there will be fewer reasons to stay in California and not move to Texas.

It also puts California Governor Newsome’s presidential ambitions in the limelight.  He has promised to appoint a black woman - not the best person available which is who he should have promised to appoint.  (Joe Biden nominated a semi-black woman for VP and look what happened.)  And if he appoints someone far left, that will be a preview of his appointments as a president and will be used against him.  (And if he appointed a moderate – very unlikely – the far left will crucify him.) 

Ah, the problems they create when they put politics ahead of duty and country!

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