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Newsome Checks the Boxes

10/03/2023 12:51 PM | Anonymous

Newsome Checks the Boxes  by Tom Reynolds

On Monday, we wrote about California Governor Newsome’s appointment of a replacement for Diane Feinstein and that it would be a preview of the appointments that a (God help us) President Newsome would make.

Newsome checked almost every leftist box when he tapped Laphonza Butler with that appointment.

    Black.  Check.

    Woman. Check

    Lesbian (LGBTQ). Check

    Radical Abortionist.  Check (President of Emily’s List a pro-abortion organization.)

    Labor activist.  Check.  (President of SEIU Local 2015)

    Anti 2nd Amendment.  Probably check.  (We could not find a direct statement of hers but Newsome said that Butler's appointment comes at a time when freedoms like…safety from gun violence "have never been under greater assault."  We’ll take that as a hint about where she stands on 2A.)

    Political Insider.  Check.  (Senior adviser for the presidential campaigns of Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton.)

    No military experience.  Check.  (But she now has a vote on going to war, military budget, officer commissions, etc.)

    No business experience.  Check.  (But she now has a vote on major business legislation.)

    Got rich in politics.  Check.  Butler continues in the tradition of Joe Biden, Lyndon Johnson and many others, in that she was born poor (her widowed mother worked two jobs) and Butler has spent her entire working life in politics or near politics and can now afford two houses in two of the most expensive housing markets in the United States. That’s why politics is called public service, right?)

Now this is funny... 

Newsome also said that “Laphonza Butler represents the best of California.” 

Well, sorta.

California is leading the nation in out-migration from the state as ‘the best of California’ seem to prefer anywhere but California.  Butler lives in Silver Springs Maryland and is registered to vote in that state.  She does own a house in California and will have to register to vote In California before she can take the Senate seat.  (That pesky U S Constitution is constantly a pain-in-the butt to leftists like Newsome.)

On the chance that Newsome might yet end up with the Democrat presidential nomination, remember this appointment, along with all his many insane acts as governor when talking to gun owners who don’t vote.

By the way, Newsome just signed off on an 11% tax on retail sales of guns, gun parts and ammunition.

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