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Lessons From Israel

10/23/2023 6:22 PM | Anonymous

Lessons From Israel  by Tom Reynolds

CNN recently made the case for civilians being armed.

CNN?  Really?

CNN’s article* was devoted to how Hamas had detailed plans of an attack on the Israeli kibbutz of Melalsim, near the Gaza border.  But CNN included, perhaps by accident: “…guards engaged in several skirmishes with the attackers for hours, often going up against larger numbers and firepower...At one point, there were just three security guards “fighting against a force of about 15 or 16 terrorists.”

The security guards were armed volunteer residents of the kibbutz. 

A more complete story is in a Wall Street Journal article.**  It said: “…volunteers rushed from their homes in helmets and protective vests worn over the T-shirts they had slept in, toting M16 rifles. Outnumbered and fighting alone or in pairs, the men mounted a life-or-death stand...”

M16’s!  Aren’t those – gasp - Assault Rifles?

Men protecting women!  How sexist!  No wonder many in academia are siding with Hamas!

This also proves the old military saying that people will fight more desperately to protect their homes and family.

The article also tells how residents were depending upon the Israeli army to immediately defend them but that was slow in happening.  Defense became self-defense.

No Mefalsim residents were killed or taken hostage while hundreds of others, outside Mefalsim, fell victim to the Hamas’ terrorists.

Apparently, being an armed civilian during a terrorist might save your life.  Who knew?

John Lott*** gives some background: only 3% of Israel’s population is permitted to carry guns in public for protection.  (There are now 27 ‘Constitutional Carry’ states in the U S A where permits are not required.)

There were some voices speaking out for being armed.  On September 20th, in a Jerusalem Post article, Israel Police spokesman Commander Eli Levi had said: “…we reiterate the call of the Chief of Police and the Head of Operations and call on the public to carry weapons and be trained in their use when necessary, to bear their weapons during these days (high holy days), even in places of prayer and family entertainment.”

As in the United States, the Israeli Left disagrees with citizens being armed.  Opposition leader Yair Lapid responded: “Calling the citizens of Israel to come with weapons to the synagogue on Yom Kippur is not a security policy, it is dangerous populism.

Self-defense  is populism?  Everything is political to the Left.  It appears that Levi was correct.  Has Lapid apologized?

Oh, and don’t forget, Kathy Hochul’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act banned guns from “places of prayer.”

A few days after the attack, with the prospect of a prolonged war and with a counter-offensive mounting, Israel’s Second Amendment-lacking citizenry was granted new ‘permissions’.  Israel’s Minister of National Security went on “X” and wrote: “Today I directed the Firearms Licensing Division to go on an emergency operation, in order to allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves.”

Basically, regulations were loosened - not lifted - in order for more Israelis to arm themselves.

Included in that ‘loosened’ regulations was that citizens were allowed to purchase 100 bullets (the former limit was 50).   

Here are some comments about the ‘loosening’ from the BPR Business and Politics website, that probably echo most SCOPE members thoughts:

100 bullets is nothing.  I shoot 200 every range day and I go twice a week

100 bullets? 100?!  All this is the very definition of “Too Little Too Late”.

How many died because they weren’t “allowed” to own a gun, or were only “allowed” 50 bullets?!

All Israelis have the God given right to defend themselves as they see fit.

Hamas planned their attack over several years.  A patient terrorist is a very dangerous terrorist.

Over the past almost three years of the Biden Administration, millions of people have invaded our country through the non-existent southern border.  Many of these are young men of military age.  Some were caught or surrendered while others escaped capture.  Many of them were released into our country with their promise to show up in court in a few years.

The last comment about the 100 bullet limit from the BPR web site hits home:

They live in a war zone and weren’t allowed to have guns.  Stupidity is everywhere. 

The U S A has avoided being a war zone since the Civil War but many of our national policies seem intent on creating an environment where that will change.

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*** At the Washington Times: Second Amendment matters in a time of crisis: The importance of good guys with guns (

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