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2nd Amendment Policies of the 2024 Presidential Candidates

12/06/2023 2:08 PM | Anonymous

2nd Amendment Policies of the 2024 Presidential Candidates  (research provided by John Elwood)

SCOPE’s purpose is to inform and educate members and the general public on issues.  Too often, candidates are nominated on whether they are white, black, Hispanic or Asian.  SCOPE believes they should be chosen based on the issues – or as Martin Luther King Jr said: “on the content of their character and not on the color of their skin.”  Towards that end, we are sharing with you some of the major candidates’ public statements on the 2nd Amendment, to help you decide based on the issues.

Donald Trump

Speaking in Texas shortly after a mass shooting incident, Trump backed up Republican calls to resist new gun restrictions and, instead, called for increased mental health services and school security measures.  In an April 14, 2023 speech to the NRA, Trump vowed to defend and expand gun-owners rights. (

He would prod Congress to pass legislation creating a national system of reciprocity to allow people to carry concealed weapons while visiting other states. (, para 26).  

On February 26, 2019, he threatened a presidential veto on legislation requiring a universal background check for most gun purchase and transfers.(   

In a speech to the NRA leadership forum, he stated, no one will lay a finger on your firearms.  I will uphold those words, “Shall not be infringed”.

(,PRESIDENT%20OF%20THE%20UNITED%20STAT) (April 14, 2023 13.30 minute mark).
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  • ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines;
  • require universal background checks for all gun purchases;
  • red flag laws which permit the temporary confiscation of a person’s gun if they are deemed a threat to themselves or others;
  • Declare a national emergency around the gun violence epidemic and build a robust plan around gun control.
  • Work with every state to increase and ensure funding for violence intervention programs.
  • Eliminate the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons, bump stocks, high-capacity magazines, and 3-D printing of firearms.  Assault weapons should not be sold to private citizens. 
  • Increase the legal age to buy any gun to 21.
  • Establish strict control of gun use and access among children and require child safety locks on all guns.
  • Expand background checks and end the gun show loophole.
  • Ban straw purchases prohibiting anyone from buying, selling, transferring or loaning firearms on behalf of someone else.
  • Treat gun violence as an issue of public health.
  • Remove current limits on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) ability to track and record gun ownership numbers in America.
  • Strengthen restrictions on the ability of individuals with mental disorders to purchase a gun.
  • Strengthen red-flag laws by passing Extreme Risk Protection Orders nationwide, allowing family members and law enforcement to seek court permission to temporarily remove guns from a person n danger of harming himself or others.
  • Appoint federal justices who understand that perpetrators of domestic violence should not have guns.
  • Require coursework, training, age restrictions, and periodic renewal along the same lines as licenses to drive a car.
Many people believe the 2024 election will be the most important election in the history of the United States; certainly, since the election of 1864 during the Civil War.  The Constitution of the United States affords citizens of the United States many rights, but with those rights comes responsibilities.  Voters must get out and vote, but before they do that, voters in the 2024 election MUST know and understand the policies of each candidate.  This is especially true when it comes to the Second Amendment.  

He stated “I will take Biden’s executive order directing the federal government to target the firearms industry and I will rip it up and throw it out on day one.  I will eliminate the Biden ATFs ridiculous pistol brace rule”.

Ron DeSantis

“A constitutional right should not require a permission slip from the government. It is time we joined 25 other states to enact constitutional carry in the state of Florida.” ‘People will die’: why is Ron DeSantis loosening gun laws that most Floridians support? | Ron DeSantis | The Guardian

Stated he would defend the Second Amendment.  Gov DeSantis signed legislation in Florida for people to carry concealed weapons without a permit.  (

DeSantis says he wouldn’t nationalize Florida’s ‘red flag law”( 

Nicki Haley

Opposes gun control measures, including red flag laws.  “I don’t trust government to deal with red-flag laws.(

“To sit there and say that it’s just a gun issue is the lazy way out,” Haley said at a town hall event in New Hampshire. “We need to acknowledge the whole issue. And the whole issue is [the shooter in Nashville] was struggling and there was nobody there to help her.” Nikki Haley Says It's 'Lazy' to Focus on Guns After Nashville Shooting (

Haley said she is "a concealed weapons permit holder myself" and that her husband is a hunter. NRA convention: Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley appeal to NPR (

Vivek Ramamswamy

Believes the Second Amendment is “the one amendment that protects all of the others,” and that the Constitution would not exist without it.(

He has labelled himself a “Second Amendment absolutist; calls for the ATF shutdown.(

His position on expanding background checks is unclear.   His position on whether gun manufacturers should be able to be sued in court is unclear.  He is a gun owner.(

When asked should access to guns be restricted for individuals who might harm themselves or others, also known as a red flag law, Mr. Ramamswamy stated “No”. In July 2023, he stated he is against red flag laws.(

He told an NRA crowd in April, 2023, he wanted to “make constitutional carry the law of the land”(

Chris Christie

Stated, “it’s a right for people to own guns, including assault weapons.”  He said he doesn’t own one “but that’s been my choice.” (CNN, Jun 12, 2023).

The New Jersey Governor, in 1995, stated he supported an assault weapons ban, but in a January 7, 2016 interview with Sean Hannity stated that he had changed my mind, and the biggest reason was his seven years as a federal prosecutor.  What he learned in those seven years was that we were spending much too much time talking about gun laws against law-abiding citizens and not nearly enough time talking about enforcing the gun laws strongly against criminals(

Adding, he stated, “I learned what the limitations are of these laws that people are talking about and how they much, much, more greatly infringe on law-abiding citizens than they do anything to prevent crime”. (

A former federal prosecutor, he has voiced support for aspects of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act passed by Congress in 2022, which provided funding to states to support the implementation of red-flag laws.  Chris Christie insists banning guns is not the answer, and emphasizes the mental health aspects. (

Doug Burgum

He designates North Dakota as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State” and signs bills protecting gun rights.(

He stated, “We stand united with our congressional delegation in opposition to President Biden’s executive actions threatening the Second Amendment right of North Dakotans…Our state Constitution declares that the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of yourself, your family, and your property shall not be infringed’ and we vigorously oppose any action that would deny that right”.(

The Firearm Industry Trade Association commends North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum for signing legislation to protect the financial privacy of purchases with credit cards at firearm retailers.(, May 30, 2023).

Joe Biden

He has called on Congress to:

*Note- this Biden statement is a lie.  Gun manufacturers are not immune from liability.

In September 2023, Joe Biden established the Office of Gun Violence Prevention in an effort to reduce gun violence.


The Biden administration is revoking licenses from hundreds of firearms dealers in a significant escalation of federal enforcement actions. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has revoked the licenses of 122 gun dealers in the fiscal year that began in October, up from 90 for all last fiscal year and 27 in 2021. Hundreds of Gun Dealers Lose Licenses Under Biden Administration Crackdown (

Robert F. Kennedy

He stated in June 2023 he does not believe that there is anything that we can meaningfully do to reduce the trade and the ownership of guns, “following last year’s Supreme Court decision that allow concealed carry of hand guns in public areas…anybody who tells you if they’re going to be able to reduce gun violence through gun control at this point, I don’t think its being realistic.”(  

On June 28, 2023, at a town hall with NewsNation, he stated, “I’m not going to take people’s guns away.” His emphasis on refusing to infringe on Americans constitutional rights echoes a common Republican position on the limitations of responding to gun violence through gun control.  Kennedy did say he would get behind a bipartisan assault weapons ban.  He stated, “If we can get a consensus on it, If Republicans and Democrats agree to it and it passes Congress, I would sign it.('meaningfully'%).

When asked about his stance on the Second Amendment, RFK Jr stated, “I believe in the Constitution and I’m not going to take everybody’s guns away.”(

Marianne Williamson

She has stated that a Williamson administration will:

She stated, “I support universal background checks, a federal red-flag law, a ban on assault weapons and bump stocks,and a requirement to have a license to own a gun. I support a waiting period for gun purchases.  We should make schools gun free zones.  We do not need to arm teachers.   (Nov 7, 2019)


A lady once asked Dr. Benjamin Franklin, “What have we got here a republic or a monarchy?  Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it”.  Can we keep our republic?  It is up to YOU!

Thanks to John Elwood for the research on this article

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