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12/11/2023 4:54 PM | Anonymous

Statistics  by Tom Reynolds

Illegal Immigration

Legal Insurrection reported that Jeh Johnson, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary under Barack Obama, once said that 1,000 border crossings in a day is a “bad day…overwhelms the system”, & that 4,000 in a day is a “crisis”.

Fox news reported that there were more than 12,000+ migrant encounters at the southern border in one day, the highest single day total ever recorded. This includes 10,200+ Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal immigrants, amongst the highest daily totals for the Border Patrol ever recorded.

Over 12,000 Migrant Encounters on Tuesday Sets ‘Single Day Total Ever Recorded’ (

According to the report of the GOP Majority on the Committee on Homeland Security, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released figures in May 2023 calculating the financial impact of the crisis for cities and states across the country.  It found that the annual cost just to care for and house the known gotaways and illegal aliens who have been released into the country under Mayorkas’ leadership could cost as much as an astounding $451 billion ($451,000,000,000).  That’s almost half a trillion dollars!

Phase4Report.pdf (

Electric Vehicles

Legal Insurrection also reports that Congress - at the urging of the Biden administration - agreed in 2021 to spend $7.5 billion ($7,500,000,000) to build tens of thousands of electric vehicle chargers across the country, aiming to appease anxious drivers while tackling climate change.

Politico has just published an update on those funds and two years later, the program has yet to install a single charger.

Federal officials authorized more than $2 billion of the funds to be sent to states but fewer than half of states have even started to take bids from contractors to build the chargers — let alone begin construction

After Congress Allocated $7.5 Billion for Electric Vehicle Chargers, Exactly Zero Have Been Built (

Gun Permits

Ammoland reported that more than 260,000 Israelis have applied for firearm permits in the two months since the Hamas terrorist attacks, according to The Times of Israel.

Note:  On December 1st, SCOPE reported that there were 214,913 NICS checks in the U.S.A. on Black Friday, alone.

Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s National Security Minister, told the Times his office was approving 3,000 firearm permit applications per day, as opposed to around 100 per day before the terrorist attacks.

When the war started, we knew that we were right when we said that every person that has a weapon can save a life,” Ben Gvir said, according to the Times. “We need to enable as many people as possible to carry a weapon.” I

It’s unfortunate that Ben Gvir said this in hindsight.

Countless countries that had restrictive gun laws have been attacked by their neighbors.  That should never happen again, anywhere, because the ability to defend oneself is an inherent human right, which should transcend rules, regulations and borders.

Current events demonstrate the incredible forethought our Framers had when they wrote the Second Amendment and codified the right to keep and bear arms into law. We became a nation of rifleman and riflewomen. Too many countries learned too late that there is no substitute for a gun culture, and that you simply cannot create a gun culture overnight, no matter how dire the threat.

A Quarter-Million Israeli Gun Applicants Prove the Necessity of our Second Amendment (

Given the invasions in Ukraine and Israel, one would think that even the most ardent anti-gunners would rethink their Second Amendment position? 

Then there are the millions of people who have entered the USA illegally; one has to believe there are a lot of people wishing the USA harm amongst them.  What’s a lot?  If the bad guys are only 1% of 10 million, that is 100,000.  And we can see from how well organized the EV Charging Station initiative was that we cannot count on the government to do its job and sort out the bad guys.

But, in spite of the statistics and examples cited above, the anti-gunners will not change their position.  The gun-ban industry’s antipathy toward the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the fact that it saves American lives. Gun control is about control. The lives lost in gun-free zones are only collateral damage to the Left in their lust for control.

The Biden-Harris administration has done more to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights than all other administrations combined, regardless of the real-world examples we see that prove the need for an armed, trained citizenry.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”  We’ve seen in the “mostly peaceful protests” of recent years that our government will not protect ordinary citizens lives and properties.  It’s up to us, the American citizen gun owner, to be prepared to provide the protection for ourselves that our government will not.

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