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NY Assembly Proposed Bill A03314

12/20/2023 11:59 AM | Anonymous

NY Assembly Proposed Bill A03314  by John Elwood

The anti-2nd Amendment gun-grabbers never stop introducing proposed bills to do away with your 2nd Amendment protected rights.  Here’s another one.

A03314– Requires liability insurance for owners of firearms, rifles, and shotguns.

Details of the Bill:

Adds a new section to penal law – Section 400.04

  • Must have liability insurance BEFORE ownership or BEFORE an issuance of a gun license.
  • Amount of insurance shall be determined by the Superintendent of Financial Services specifically covering any damages resulting from any negligent acts involving the use of such firearms, rifle or shotgun while owned by the owner.
  • Failure to own liability insurance results in a fine from $150 - $1,500 and immediate revocation of owner’s registration, license, and any other privilege to own or possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun.
  • Owner still responsible if firearm, rifle, or shotgun is lost or stolen until the loss is reported to the police/Sheriff.
  • The bill goes into effect 90 days after bill becomes a law
  • Any person owning a firearm, rifle, or shotgun has 90 days from the effective date of this provision to get liability insurance.
  • Bill will not apply to police officers.
  • Jeffery Dinowitz - District 81; No corresponding SCOPE County chapter.
  • Christopher Burdick - District 93; No corresponding SCOPE County chapter.
  • Anna Kelles – District 125; No corresponding SCOPE County chapter.
  • David Weprin – District 24; No corresponding SCOPE County chapter.
  • Phara Souffrant Forrest – District 57; No corresponding SCOPE County chapter.
Get involved, write, call, or email your representatives. Tell them to vote NO! 

Partisan Bill– 5 Democrats Sponsoring:

There is a NO SAME AS BILL in the NY Senate.

Status– Introduced to Assembly Insurance Committee on February 2, 2023.

SCOPE opposes this bill!

You can find A03314 and other bills on SCOPE's Take Action page.

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