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2024 A Happy New Year!

01/02/2024 5:08 PM | Anonymous

2024 A Happy New Year!  by Tom Reynolds

During World War 2, from 1939 through mid-1942, the Germans and the Japanese were on the offensive and scored many victories.  In 1942, the first early hints of change began to emerge.  After over three years of mostly defeats, on January 1, 1943, the allied leadership must have sensed there was an opportunity to turn the war around and win it.

Eighty one years later, entering the new year of 2024, we should also embrace the possibilities before us.  People who defend the U S Constitution - and especially the 2nd Amendment - should be thrilled at the possibilities before us.  After being on the defensive with only lawsuits as a way to defends us, we can strike back.  We have the equivalent of another D-Day in front of us, minus the violence and death. 

Every member of the NY State Senate is up for election.

Every member of the NY Assembly is up for election.

Every member of the House of Representatives is up for election.

NY Senator Kristin Gillibrand is up for election.

President Joe Biden is up for election.

We have the opportunity to turn the tide on the gun grabbers and anti-constitutionalists and take back control of our government from those that have used their government positions to thwart our rights and for personal gain. 

All we need do is get involved and vote.  Was Hochul’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act our Lexington & Concord?  Are Biden’s ATF regulations our Tea Party?  And most importantly, will this November’s elections be our Declaration of Independence? 

One of the great abilities of our Founding fathers was their understanding of - and the dangers of - big government.  The issues today are much the same as the Founding Fathers experienced 250 years ago.

In 1774, John Adams recorded a conversation he overheard: “What would you say, if a fellow should come to your house and tell you he had come to take a list of your cattle that Parliament might tax you for them at so much a head?  And how would you feel if he should break open your barn to take down your oxen, cows, horses and sheep.?”

“What would I say, I would knock him in the head.”

“Well, if Parliament can take down Mr. (John) Hancock’s wharf…they can take away your barn and my house.

Many gun owners have not gotten involved because they believed when Biden and Hochul came after Modern Sporting Rifles, it didn’t involve them.  And when Biden and Hochul came after pistols and revolvers, it didn’t involve them.  But if Hochul can charge ammunition buyers for a background check that delays or denies their ammo purchases and drives gun stores out of business, that involves all gun owners.

Yes, if the government “…can take down Mr. Hancock’s wharf” they can take away your right to carry a firearm.  It may take them awhile, but they won’t quit - as opposed to many gun owners who won’t get started.

Our fathers and grandfathers fought and bled to stop socialist tyranny during World War 2 and then spent 45 years opposing communist / socialist tyranny.  We won.  Socialism lost.

Today, the socialists in the American government want to destroy every Americans’ rights under the U. S. Constitution, as those rights are a major impediment to the Left’s complete and permanent control.  There are too many examples to list of the Left’s attack on: the 1st Amendment; the 2nd Amendment; the 12th Amendment; and Article II Section 1 of the Constitution.  (Before you go running to look them up, the last two have to deal with ‘We the People’ choosing the President of the United States of America.)

We can’t depend upon the Supreme Court to always be there to fight our battles. 

We have a marvelous opportunity to take back our Constitution and our government from the Constitution hating, gun grabbing swamps in D.C. and Albany.  Those of us already involved need to ramp up our efforts and, especially, to get those involved who have, till now, evaded their duty.  Make 2024 the year of the Constitution.        

When we were born in the United States, we won the lottery.  It’s time to pay for that ticket.

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

PO Box 165
East Aurora, NY 14052

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