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01/16/2024 12:07 PM | Anonymous


Lots of laws took effect in January, covering more than just the 2nd Amendment.  Here is a list of new laws that SCOPE could find.  We hope its not a partial list and there aren’t any more lurking out there.

With inflation eating up income, illegal immigrants flooding NY City and seeping into the rest of the state, crime increasing, NY citizens deserting NY for other states, high taxes, bureaucracies out of control and government agencies putting politics above all else, the NY legislature focused like a drunken sailor.  (With apologies to drunken sailors.)

Note: Bill numbers for the NY Senate and NY Assembly are shown first.

S.841-A    A.6177-A

Requires petroleum bulk storage facilities to paint tanks white or beige/cream to reduce emissions of air pollutants.

S.5685    A.4853-A

Enacts the final phase of Brianna's Law, requiring all operators of mechanically propelled vessels to complete a boating safety course.

A.3006-C   S.4006-C

Increases the minimum wage to $16 an hour in New York City and Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties and to $15 an hour in the rest of the state.

A.3006-C    S.4006-C

Increases the rent subsidy payable to a foster child living independently from $300 per month to $725 per month.

A.3006-C   S.4006-C

Requires the chief administrator of the courts to issue regular public reports on the demographics and charges of pretrial commitments at local correctional facilities.

S.4007-C     A.3007-C

Provides for insurance coverage for behavioral health services.

S.4007-C     A.3007-C

Clarifies the definition of a clinical peer reviewer for substance use disorders and mental health evaluations.

S.4007-C   A.3007-C

Provides for electronic visit verification for personal care and home health providers.

S.4008-C    A.3008-C

Changes the retention percentage of certain motor vehicle related fees collected by county clerks from 12.7 percent to 10.75 percent.

A.3009-C    S.4009-C

Establishes a permanent 30% metropolitan transportation business tax surcharge.

S.1331    A.4015

Provides for the synchronization of multiple prescriptions for recipients of medical assistance by allowing partial refills.

A.7690     S.7550

Requires the cure affirmation for an absentee ballot to be received by the board of elections within seven days.

S.7394-A     A.7632-A

Establishes the New York Early Mail Voter Act, authorizing registered voters to obtain early mail voting ballots through application to the board of elections; requires the state board of elections to establish and maintain an electronic early mail ballot application transmittal system through which voters may  apply for an early mail ballot online.

A.5948    S.6124

Requires a whistle to be carried on all vessels, rowboats, canoes and kayaks; and requires fire extinguishers and use of engine cut-off switches on certain vessels.

A.6480    S.6482-A

Allows an individual with disabilities or a disabled veteran to hold full-time or part-time positions for purposes of eligibility for recruitment for state employment.

A.5772    S.5162

Allows an affirmation by any person, wherever made, subscribed and affirmed by that person to be true under the penalties of perjury, to be used in a civil action in New York in lieu of and with the same force and effect as an affidavit.

A.5994-B     S.536-A

Prohibits clauses restricting research about the health consequences of e-cigarettes and restricts the advertisement and promotion of electronic cigarettes.

S.5621-B      A.2873-B

Requires reporting of certain digital assets on the annual statement of financial disclosure filed with the Legislative Ethics Commission or the Joint Commission On Public Ethics.

S.454-A     A.3116-A

Directs counties to contact a veterans' organization to provide for the disposition of the unclaimed remains of a deceased veteran when such veteran has no next of kin or other person designated to provide for the disposition of his or her remains; develops an application process for veterans' organizations to receive reimbursement of costs associated with such funeral and burial services for indigent veterans.

S.2330-B     A.345-C

Requires the Department of Financial Services to make public any rate filing or application submitted by long term care insurance carriers; requires certain notices be provided to policyholders and certificate holders regarding premium rate increases.

A.783   S.2630

Authorizes the Department of Environmental Conservation to issue a certified nuisance wildlife specialist a deer cull permit after a review of the site-specific deer management plan and upon a finding that deer have become a nuisance, destructive to public or private property or a threat to public health or welfare.

S.2599    A.133

Establishes a dyslexia and dysgraphia task force and implements the findings of such task force.

S.4234-A    A.4055-A

Prohibits utility corporations from charging customers for gas or electric service which was rendered more than two months prior to the mailing of the first bill to the customer; requires utility corporations to provide a two-year history of charges in their bills.

S.7537     A.7761

Establishes the village incorporation commission to evaluate and make decisions regarding village incorporation elections.

A.1120      S.1746

Provides for the development and implementation of programs to prevent workplace violence in public schools.

S.5775     A.5639

Requires certain trains and locomotives to have a minimum crew size of two people.

S.3567-A    A.6050-A

Permits the sale or promotional gifting of certain complementary products for wine and spirits by retail licensees.

S.1902-A   A.1245-A

Requires notice to unemployment applicants of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women, Infants And Children (WIC).

S.7020-B     A.10162-A

Establishes requirements for licensure as a histotechnologist.

S.5915     A.5347

Requires the Office For The Prevention Of Domestic Violence to distribute informational materials on recognizing economic abuse and the support available to survivors.

S.582        A.6798 

Prohibits the sale of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite to any person under the age of twenty-one.

S.2683-A    A.4599-A

Allows charities to use a single table of unisex rates and a simplified calculation for maximum allowable rates for charitable annuities.

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