What Happens to My Guns When I Die?

05/01/2015 10:28 AM | Anonymous

The First 10 Amendment is known as the Bill of Rights

Estate Planning for Firearms Owners
and Their Families

Andrew Cuomo and New York Lawmakers are so “progressive” , “hoplophobic” and anti Second Amendment that they devised a scheme via NY S.A.F.E. so that the Division of Criminal Justice feels that they have the power to confiscate and destroy your firearms upon your death.

#1 We, SCOPE, this Attorney and now the US Supreme Court agree that they do not have the authority to seize and destroy your guns from your surviving spouse or heir.  Will that stop them?  Probably not.

#2 Until the practice of seizing firearms from the cold dead hands of legal “law abiding” citizens stops in NEW YORK, you should consider taking legal precautions and including your firearms in your Estate Planning.

The following is the Discussion Outline from an attorney on this subject. If you do nothing else look at page 13 and 14. This is a result of NY S.A.F.E. It is to be kept secret and a copy of this goes to the NY STATE POLICE "GUN SQUAD".

Shooters Committee on Political Education

Erie County Chapter
May 2015 Presentation

Dear Friends in the Shooting Sports:

The enclosed materials consist of news articles of interest, forms, and other documents presented here for educational purposes. These are intended as a reference and illustrations of various problems and considerations an individual, such as yourself, begins to think about planning your Estate.

Forms, case law and other materials enclosed may not be applicable to you or your circumstances. Further, as time marches on, new developments are bound to occur in the law and these materials are sure to become outdated at some point. No legal advice is given herein.

You should consult with an attorney of your choosing before making any decisions about provisions for your Last Will and Testament, who you authorize to take possession of your property, and how you want your property handled in the event you are hospitalized or incapacitated.

I would be happy to help you or your family with these considerations on an individual basis. Further, I hope that tonight presentation is informative and useful.

Very truly yours,


Peter Vasilion, Esq.

Here is the (PDF) Discussion Outline of a presentation given to the Erie County Chapter

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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