2019, a year gun owners in NY will not soon forget

05/15/2019 7:25 AM | Anonymous

By Ralph Esposito

Yes, with the loss of the NYS senate to total democrat control last election, NY gun owners are starting to feel the love from Governor Cuomo and his minions. They have introduced and are in the process of passing a number of new gun control laws under the so called “SAFE Act 2.” These include:

  • Red Flag laws that could revoke your Second Amendment Rights if you are suspected of being a risk to yourself or others. This includes reporting from your family doctor (s) or children's teachers.
  • Going from a 3 to 30 day waiting periods for those who get a delay on a NICS check. With today's extensive data bases on all of us and computer information retrieval 30 days is excessive. 
  • Prohibit teachers and other employees from carrying licensed handguns on school property even if it was permitted by the school district. 
  • Banning bump stocks. While not a big thing it does set precedent for banning features and accessories. 
  • Mandatory storage of all firearms owned in an approved gun safe 
  • Mandatory liability insurance if you own a gun. 
  • Background checks for ammunition. 
  • Limits on ammunition purchases for some guns. Purchases will be allowed only 3 times a year. Also limiting the amount purchased to twice the guns capacity. 
  • Banning guns made with the 3D printing technology.

Some of these have passed others are going through committee now. With the democrats in control those that have not already passed stand a high likelihood of passing.

All is not lost as there are several lawsuits challenging specifics of the SAFE Act still in litigation. We even had a win recently when the ban on stun guns in NYS was struck down. The court ruled that stun guns may not be banned, however the state may place restrictions on them. Stay tuned for the 2019 roller coaster. 

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