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By Tom Reynolds, Treasurer and Past President

We often hear that a coming election is the most important in our lifetime. Like so many phrases, it’s used so much that it loses its impact. But with hindsight, we can see how many of the elections have increased importance because of the results of previous elections. Unfortunately, the good guys didn’t win them all. We did win some at critical points in our history.

Just in our lifetime: what would the United States be like if Jimmy Carter had defeated Ronald Reagan in 1980?; what would this country be like if Newt Gingrich and the “Contract With America” had not taken control of the House of Representatives, stopping Clinton’s leftward tilt? Can you imagine, except in our nightmares, the destruction a ‘President’ Hillary Clinton would have wreaked on America?

Obviously, the above instances were important because we had to stop something dangerous to our national well-being from continuing or happening. That is why I believe the 2020 election will be the most important of our lifetime, supplanting the 2016 election in that position. Something much more dangerous will happen if we lose.

We saw what happened in the USA when Barack Obama came to power in 2008, along with a liberal Congress. We’ve seen this year what happened when the far-left gained complete political power in New York State. We’ve also seen this year the obstructionism and just plain craziness when liberals won the House; the people in power there seem to hate the United States and all it stands for. Worse, they hate our President with a rage that is incredible. In all three instances, traditional constitutional, moral and religious values were trashed as they took what they believed was their opportunity to fundamentally change our nation and our state.

Think what will happen to the 2nd Amendment if any of the far left presidential candidates were to become President. Even if one of them proclaimed their love for the 2nd Amendment during their campaign, once elected, they would be surrounded by people that have made destroying the 2nd Amendment as well as so many other freedoms loved by this country a centerpiece of their political careers.

Need an example of a politician who dramatically changed colors on the 2nd Amendment? Kristen Gillibrand. Oh wait, isn’t she running for President? Or at least she was as I wrote this.

Congressional candidates may make convincing statements about their love for the 2nd amendment – again, while campaigning – but once in office the liberal leadership in the House will quickly cause a change in position.

It is difficult to imagine any of the far-left candidates speaking at the NRA national convention, as President Trump has done. We can’t blame them for that; who wants to be booed?

The difference in values between President Trump and all his potential opponents is absolutely clear. Unfortunately, the difference between many other Republicans and their Democratic opponents is less clear. (The term RINO comes to mind.) This fuzziness makes it more difficult to inspire hesitant potential voters to get out and vote for “The Lesser of Two Evils”. The fuzziness also makes it difficult for those of us who always vote to become more active in politics. (My own Congressman has made a career of being the “Lesser of Two Evils”.)

If we are to save the 2nd Amendment (and probably the Constitution) it will require a multi-year effort. For the next seventeen months, we need to work to regain control of the House and keep control of the Senate and the Presidency at the federal level. Once that is accomplished, we need to organize and ‘primary’ out of office the RINO’s, both federally and in this state.

It’s a big task in front of us that will require toil, time and money. Thankfully, we have the far-left leadership helping us to inspire people to vote against them. It’s not a sin to vote against someone who is out to destroy all our traditions and values.

To quote Winston Churchill, “When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.” We must ‘stiffen our upper lips’ and get serious or lose everything.  

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