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02/13/2020 10:32 AM | Anonymous

By Richard Rossi

Many of us believe that the anti-gun groups and the media have no actual knowledge of how firearms function. One would believe that theory because of the way the media communicates their agenda to the citizens in our country. On the contrary, I believe they know very well what they are saying.

Take for example the term “ASSAULT WEAPON”.  True, knowledgeable gun owners know, very well, that is a contrived term. It was, of course, made up for a specific purpose; to invoke emotional support for their agenda. This label plays directly into getting support after any mass shooting event where a semiautomatic rifle was used. I have not believed, for some time, that they are so uninformed about firearms that they don’t truly understand that there is a difference between an Automatic rifle and a Semi-automatic rifle, when they label both as “Assault weapons”.

Let’s take this a step further. When you listen to national news media reporting involving police activity, they never use the term Assault Weapon when referring to LEO”s armed with “Black Rifles”. They somehow - and I believe intentionally - do not use the term “assault weapon” when talking about these stories. I have heard on many news stories that police armed with rifles are searching the area. Think about that for a minute…

Furthermore, you will notice that these “assault rifle” stories hit immediately, as the event is unfolding, even if details are not known or unclear about the incident. They need to get a jump on the story to invoke emotional support and outrage. Facts don’t matter, at this point in time, nor is clarification usually made later, as long as it gets broadcast that another mass-shooting with an assault rifle has happened.

Let’s examine the term “Mass Shooting.” A more appropriate and accurate term, in my opinion, would be “Mass Murder”. However, this wording also does not fit their agenda; they need to include the reference to the weapon in the headline, for obvious reasons. The focus is very simple; one must remove the blame from the individual and place it on the weapon. How can people actually believe that anyone or anything other than the person is solely to blame for these murders? The media wants us to believe that, if we take away an object, the event will not occur. It does not work that way and it never will.

While I blame the media driven agenda for this attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights and Freedoms, we must share some of the blame. While the media was exonerating the individual for his actions, law-abiding gun owners sat quietly and watched. I am sure many of you are as frustrated with this anti-gun movement as I am. However, we need to be positive and speak-out and speak loudly. Get involved and “talk” with your elected officials at all levels of Government. Change can happen if we work together and are active.  

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