What will it take?

02/13/2020 11:05 AM | Anonymous

By Attilio A. Contini

Does anyone care? What will it take for people to realize what is going on and say “enough with this foolishness”? Actually, it is far worse than foolishness. Call it what you want but I say it is down-right and deliberate subversion and, perhaps, even treason. Our very concepts of national security, citizenship and our Constitution are being undermined.

The elitist leftists call themselves Progressives for a reason. They have a goal, increasing their own power and control, which they systematically and relentlessly work towards with never ending determination. We need to understand that goal and determine if it is right and proper - or even acceptable - for that goal to be entertained and promoted in a constitutional, free, nationalistic, country and society. Our country’s constitution exists for the preservation and protection of the rights and safety of its people – its citizens.

Society has boundaries, laws and rules for a reason and these laws and rules must be obeyed; without them we have chaos. Unlimited, illegal immigration is making a mockery of our laws and rules. What is the sense of having laws if illegal immigrants are going to be given all the rights and privileges reserved for law abiding citizens and those who play by the rules?

We have rules to punish people who break the law. Granting privileges to illegal immigrants, such as drivers licenses, creates a snow balling effect that undermines our whole system. How can you deny a citizen the privileged of a driver's license if you give a license to felons who violate immigration laws? To say we must automatically give them a license because they need to drive to work and move about in the community is hypocritical. Now, the proposal in the New York State legislature to automatically register them to vote is an insult and act of national suicide and stupidity. It creates an environment that can destroy the Constitution and norms of society.

We need to step back and ask why are the extreme radical progressives - and those that enable them - advocating and promoting ideas that are so dangerous. Let's be honest. In my opinion, most progressive politicians - and those enabling them while luring in the shadows - are devoted Socialist and Communists. They want to “Fundamentally change our government”, subvert our Constitution, limit our freedom, and control our lives from the cradle to the grave. They place very little value on human life, except their own. They want gun control not because they want to stop crimes but because they want to render us defenseless. They want to impose a form of government on us that fosters a class society where they, the elite intelligentsia, can control and take advantage of the masses.

They are bribing and brainwashing the unsuspecting illegal immigrants and other minority groups into supporting them so they can gain total control of our government and alter or destroy the Constitution. They believe the end justifies the means. For some reason they hate our government, our Constitution and everything it stands for.

It is time they be declared what they are: seditious, sabotaging, criminal, treasonous enemies of our nation, our Constitution, and the American People. They should be identified as threats to our National Security, removed from office, and barred from ever running for or holding public office. 

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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