Are Democrats Secretly Trying to Elect Trump?

09/23/2020 10:54 AM | Anonymous

Are Democrats Secretly Trying to Elect Trump? by Tom Reynolds

While not political insiders or a TV talking heads, Americans have the ability to watch, listen and think beyond the propaganda spewed in the media.  As an “innocent bystander”, one can’t help noticing that the Democrat Party appears to be helping Trump with a number of unforced political errors.

The Democrat Party plan is to release criminals from jail, abolish bail, open the borders to criminals, subsidize illegal immigrants, defund the police and let cities burn to the ground.  Oh by-the-way, in the midst of all this carnage, Democrats also want to take away the right to keep and bear arms, so you cannot defend yourself against the chaos they created. Biden and Harris have come out squarely against the 2nd Amendment. With violence escalating, NICS checks are setting new records, more criminals are on the street and there are more calls to defund the police - taking away guns would not seem to be a smart strategy.  (Or maybe Democrats are going for the suicidal vote.)

Supporting (or at least not opposing) the riots in cities controlled by Democrat politicians undermines their support in their base.  What does the loss of some votes mean in highly Democrat majority cities?  The cities will probably still continue be Democratic majorities but Democrats carry states like New York in statewide elections because of their overwhelming majorities in cities.  If the majorities decrease enough, combined with increased voting in highly Republican rural areas, this might start to swing statewide contests to Republicans.

City riots raise fears of violence spreading to the suburbs, which could move the suburban electorate more towards Trump.  People do not enjoy being assaulted and having their livelihood burned to the ground.  More women are buying guns for protection and, given many cities’ prohibitions on gun ownership, many of these women probably live in suburbs.  (The soccer mom is turning into Sarah Palin’s pit bull with lipstick – and a Glock.)

Now, Democrats are threatening more riots if Trump nominates a Supreme court successor to Ginsburg.  Democrats were silent on the riots (excuse me, peaceful protests) until their polls started dropping.  Now, they are back to threatening more riots!  Democrats really need to rethink their election strategy.

Can Democrats hold together a coalition of both Sanders and Biden supporters?  Far-left Democrats do not compromise, so Biden has been forced to drop the image of being a moderate, that he held during the primary, and move his image to the far-left.  (Which might explain some of his confusion over whether or not he supports the 2nd Amendment.)  America is not a far-left country and the far-left ideology has to scare moderate Americans.

Oh yeah, referring to voters as racists isn’t a great way of winning votes, unless the left-wing media can say it often enough to convince those of us who cling to religion and guns that we really are racists.  (Good luck on that!)

Biden has 47 years of political history in Washington. Democrats blame Trump for every issue but it is easy for Republicans to shoot at Biden’s record (figuratively - nor literally - figuratively).

Before Ginsburg, the drumbeat amongst Democrats was for Biden to not debate Trump.  In spite of the weak excuses that Democrat politicians will make for no debate, withdrawal would only confirm the concerns that Biden is mentally and physically degenerating.  With 47 years of political experience, he should be expected to shine in debates, not merely survive. (Under the survival narrative, he gets a participation trophy for debating.)  If he is degenerating, the question Democrat strategists are asking themselves is, will he lose more votes by debating or by not debating.    

Biden is generally ahead in the polls, but Trump is far less behind than four years ago, at the same point, and he is trending upward. In recent years, the polls seem to have a 2-4% bias for Democrats, as they over sample Democrats in their mix.  Then there is the issue of sampling the general population instead of the likely voters, which happens in some polls.  Because of the Electoral College, it is individual states and not the nationwide total that counts, which negates huge Democrat Party majorities in Los Angeles and New York City.

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