Will SCOTUS Protect The 2nd Amendment?

09/28/2020 2:39 PM | Anonymous

Will SCOTUS Protect The 2nd Amendment? by Tom Reynolds

President Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacant Supreme Court (SCOTUS) seat.  Apparently, there are enough Republican votes to ensure her approval by the Senate, unless something unexpected emerges.  That isn’t likely since she has been previously praised by both Republicans and Democrats – before being nominated for SCOTUS.  As the mother of seven children, two are whom are black and adopted from Haiti, there isn’t much room for charges of racism or the Kavanaugh style smears that the left specializes in.  (Although…President Trump is now routinely called a racist in spite of him receiving awards from black rights groups before he ran for President; there are pictures of him being awarded medals alongside Rosa Parks and being congratulated by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton! So, anything is possible.)

Democrats attacked Amy Coney Barrett, (or A C B is she will soon be known) at a previous confirmation hearing, for being a Catholic.  However, reliably far-left SCOTUS Justice Sotomayer is also Catholic as are Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.  But Barrett may still be pictured as a “Papist” danger to our country, by the Democrats.

Which brings us to the Second Amendment.  A C B is a constitutional originalist in the tradition of Justice Antonin Scalia.  A C B separates protections for civic rights (voting and jury duty) from individual rights (owning a gun) and believes the government must vigorously protect the gun ownership as an individual right instead of a group right (the militia).  This brings her in line with the Heller and McDonald SCOTUS decisions and sends the left into a panic.  She would bring SCOTUS to 5-3-1 in favor of the 2nd Amendment (or 6-3 if reliably unreliable John Roberts returned to his Conservative roots).

So, all those gun owners who hate politics and rarely if ever vote can relax and continue their hibernation on election day; SCOTUS will do the heavy lifting for them.
Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!

The Supreme Court was established under the U.S. Constitution but the number of judges is established by a law passed by Congress and signed by the President.  For about 150 years, that law says there will be nine (9) judges.  Faced with losing control of the judiciary, Democrat leaders have said they will raise the number of SCOTUS judges.  They have also proposed raising the number of other federal judges in order to offset the many appointments President Trump has made.  (Lower court judges aren’t as “exciting” as SCOTUS appointments, so we don’t usually hear about the them).  This effort is known as “packing” the court.  If Democrats gain complete control or if they can leverage their votes on other issues, they will raise the number of SCOTUS justices and then, when in power, they will appoint reliably anti-2A judges to SCOTUS, thereby putting the pro-2A judges into the minority and, in effect, killing the 2nd Amendment.

This, of course, is completely in line with previous far-left attempts to ignore every law and tradition that works against them, whether or not these laws and traditions are fundamental parts of American history and culture.  They view American history, traditions and culture like statues in a park that are to be toppled by the mob in search of power and control.

Elections have consequences.  The 2016 election allowed President Trump and the U.S. Senate to appoint and confirm over 200 judges, including two (before A C B) to SCOTUS.  Presumably, most of those 200+ are defenders of the 2nd Amendment.  The far-left would turn this around in an instant if they can gain control.

Don’t hibernate on November 3rd.  Vote for pro 2A candidates and bring some potential hibernators out of their caves and into the voting booth.

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