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Gay Nightclub Shooting in Colorado Springs, CO

11/23/2022 11:16 PM | Anonymous

Once again, we have a shooter who had a history with law enforcement yet was never prosecuted. It’s on record that he threatened his family last year with a homemade bomb and a gun. What consequences did he suffer? None, despite federal kidnapping and menacing charges possibly resulting in prosecution and preventing his possession of a firearm. Yet no gun law would have prevented him from obtaining a gun illegally. Criminals, by nature, do not obey laws, period.

Colorado is one of 19 states and the District of Columbia with a “Red Flag” law. These are of little value when potential federal charges are ignored. The government again failed to do its job. Yet we are expected to relinquish our God-given right under the Second Amendment and put our faith in our government to keep us safe. 

The problem with “red flag” laws is they can be misused by anyone with a grudge. Where is the evidence sufficient to warrant an arrest or seizure of firearms? These laws are profoundly unconstitutional since they are based upon the concept that the state or a court can predict who may commit a crime. 

Our Constitution guarantees us due process and I’m referring to “front-end” due process applied prior to gun confiscation.  A hearing does not guarantee our constitutional rights nor does the expenditure of thousands of dollars for an attorney. Realize that waiting months for the return of one’s firearms can place one in jeopardy. 

President Biden again called for an “assault weapons ban”. This is no solution. Should we expect a ban on hammers following the Paul Pelosi incident? Certainly the presence of police did not prevent him from being assaulted. Let’s face the facts. We have over 20 million so-called “assault weapons”or AR-15s in this country. Do we really believe that a ban would truly stop a criminal from obtaining one? 

No government could prevent the nightclub shooting. The shooter was stopped by patrons inside the club.  These patrons fought against insurmountable odds. This is why the Second Amendment exists. It provides us the power to fight against any person or government attempting to terrorize us. 

The truth is the anti-gun lobby uses fear from such shootings in an attempt to control law-abiding citizens. Their real agenda is to strip away our Second Amendment rights. Their goal is to control us, not save us. 

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