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The CDC Again Misleads Us

07/21/2023 8:50 PM | Anonymous

How likely are you to die in a mass shooting? It should be one of the least of your worries. You are a thousand times more likely to die from Parkinson’s Disease. 

Yet the Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims “547 dead, 476 hurt in mass shootings since 1983” as reported by Yahoo News. 

Perhaps the doctors at the CDC should be more concerned about members of their own profession. A recent study by Harvard and the John Hopkins Institute records the numbers of deaths due to medical errors to be 371,000 in one year alone. 

That’s right, while the anti-gun CDC maligngun owners by vilifying guns, it continues to ignore problems in its own sphere of influence. Consider this chart for a recent year

    Leading Causes of Death (2021)

  Heart disease                    695,547

  Cancer                                 605,213

  COVID-19                            416,893

* (Medical errors                  371,000) (unpublished)

  Accidents (unintentional) 224,935

Suddenly the number of deaths by guns (~48,000) seems minuscule by comparison. Keep in mind, approximately 38,000 of the estimated 48,000 deaths involving a gun was listed as a suicide. Yet, the CDC wants to talk about “gun violence” rather than focus upon their own medical field and the huge number of errors resulting in the death of Americans. 

This major study by Harvard and Johns Hopkins actually found that over 800,000 Americans are killed/seriously injured due to medical errors and misdiagnoses.

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