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Gillibrand Attacks Our Rights Again!

05/13/2020 10:49 PM | Anonymous


Kirstin Gillibrand Attacks Our Rights Again!

Because of the Wuhan virus gun sales boom, New York’s Senator Gillibrand sent a letter to the ATF and FBI looking to change how gun sales are conducted during this sales surge and provide guidance to them. She is joined by 15 other Senators and the letter is penned by democrat Senators: Blumenthal (CT) and Markey (MA).

Gillibrand wants the ATF and FBI to change their procedures and:

1) have ATF urge FFLs not to release firearms if the 3 day wait period for delayed gun sales is exceeded, which could potentially result in infinite delays,

2) have the FBI collect data on 3 day delayed sales and report it to congress

3) wants the FBI to retain incomplete background check records past the statutory 90 day limit and retain them until after the government says the “Commie virus” is over

4) wants the FBI to use the N-DEx portal to disqualify people with incident, case reports, and investigations that are not yet found guilty

(Another example of trampling on our Due Process rights)


5) wants the ATF to remind the FFLs to tell people about safe storage and provide a gun lock for each handgun and also recommend that FFLs provide their customers, especially first-time gun buyers, with information about the risks and responsibilities of gun ownership and about safe storage practices. (We understand the risks and are responsible, law-abiding citizens capable of managing our own lives).

Markey Gillibrand letter:

ACTION ALERT! Gillibrand is a poor representative of gun owners in her state, but the good news she is ours so you can call or email to complain and to let her know we exist and how wrong she is. Please contact her and tell her you oppose her letter and her stand on second amendment rights. 


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