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Mental Health Exam to Buy a Gun

10/23/2020 12:39 AM | Anonymous

This message was sent to members from SCOPE President Tom Reynolds:

"There are many gun owners in New York (perhaps millions) who do not believe that Cuomo and company are coming for their weapons and, thus, there is no need to vote.  Well, guess what? There is now evidence that Cuomo and company are going after all guns!

Bills that were introduced in both the New York State Senate (S7065) and the Assembly (A01589-A) will require that before any sale, exchange or disposal of a firearm, rifle or shotgun, the purchaser must pass a mental health examination.  No exemption for hunters.  No exemption for target shooting.  No exemption for self-defense. No exemption for…anything."

The state senate now has a 'companion' bill to one that has sat in the assembly for months.  This brings the total of "2-House" anti-gun bills to 9 in 2020.  Seven were passed into law in 2019.

The passage of the nine 2020 bills would bring the total to 16 in only two years.  The days of the state senate protecting gun owners is over.   Bills like these would have 'died' in Committee 2 years ago just as many did since passage of the so-called SAFE Act in 2013.  

Cuomo and his gun control allies in Albany do not need another Unsafe act.  They merely need to roll along, year after year, with new intrusive and unconstitutional gun laws.  When will we put a halt to this?  It will only happen when gun owners to get off the couch on November 3 and VOTE.

Choose candidates rated by SCOPE regardless of their party affiliation. You can find these ratings of federal and state candidates on the Home page of the state website:  

Encourage fellow gun owners to vote for gun friendly candidates. 


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