State Of The Union?

03/02/2022 4:30 PM | Anonymous

State Of The Union?  by Tom Reynolds

Biden said, during his State of the Union Address, “I ask Congress to pass proven measures to reduce gun violence...Pass universal background checks. Why should anyone on a terrorist list be able to purchase a weapon?  Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines."

Proven measures?

Apparently, Biden thinks (I use the word loosely) that terrorists will try to go through a NICS check to buy weapons.  Of course, Biden’s administration believes that parents at school board meetings are terrorists.  Will protesting at a school board meeting bar you from buying a gun under Biden’s proposals?  (You can bet on it!)

He also omitted any reference to his and his party’s soft-on-crime stances as being responsible for the increase in all crime and violence.  But he did reverse the Democrats’ years’ long position on defunding the police.  (Did the “science” change on defunding the police or did the polls change?)

Then, in response to his proposed ban on what he describes as high-capacity magazines, Biden said, "You think the deer are wearing a kevlar vest?"  Did Biden forget that he opened his speech talking about Ukraine?  Are Ukrainians asking for more weapons so they can go deer hunting?  Did Biden forget the Ukrainian President’s response to Biden’s offer for escape: ”I need ammunition, not a ride”.  If Biden sends ammunition, will it be limited to 10 round magazines?     

Biden repeated an often-repeated Democrat lie when he said "repeal the liability shield that makes gun manufacturers the only industry in America that can’t be sued."  Republican Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted the truth:  "Big Biden Lie…Truth: If guns malfunction, the manufacturers can be sued. Not so with vaccines!"  So, as Massie pointed out, Biden told a double lie: first, about gun manufacturers and second about vaccine manufacturers. 

Former CIA analyst Buck Sexton explained it further when he tweeted. "No other industry is made liable for criminal misuse of their product. But his base is full of hysterics who hate gun owners, so facts don’t matter."

If Biden can boldly lie about one thing, how much else in the speech was a lie?  Let’s make that list shorter: how much was the truth?

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