Letter From a SCOPE Member

03/21/2022 7:40 AM | Anonymous

Letter From a SCOPE Member

SCOPE members often write to us with their thoughts on various issues.  Excerpts from one recent E mail is well worth wider redistribution.

The Biden administration, media and Democrat party continue the takedown of America by carpet bombing our border, federal budget, health and education systems, judicial system, policing, energy independence, our military, the internal combustion engine and the social norms of gender identity, child rearing, family and marriage. There is little doubt that, at the (eventual) back end of this overturn of constitutional rights and societal norms, is the abolishment of the Second Amendment.

The road to the gutting of the Second Amendment goes through the First Amendment and Fourth Amendment. Look for more red flag laws, a tie-in from guns to “national health,” mandatory firearm insurance, limits on ammunition by law and or costs and a new focus on “automatic” or “assault rifles,” because criminals are now using fully automatic weapons in the commission of crime.  (See the crime rise and automatic weapons being used in Houston.)  Many of these criminals are cartel members who have brought their automatic weapons with them as they relocate from Mexico to Houston and other Texas cities. 

You know this. I know this. What is beyond knowing, exactly, is why not one Republican politician - state or national - dares to put all of this traitorous behavior in strong, clear speech on a meeting room floor. To remain silent (whether in fear or ignorance or complicity) at times such as these is well beyond the bounds of the generally accepted “don’t get upset or take it seriously, it’s only politics.” There is no excuse, there are no acceptable reasons for the political silence we now have as the nation collapses under an internal betrayal.

During the American Revolution a mere thirteen percent of colonists actively supported the revolution by putting life or fortune on the line.  The other eighty seven percent rode the fence or betrayed their fellow colonists by supporting the crown. Unfortunately, today, we don’t have that mere thirteen percent of elected representatives fearlessly speaking the truth in defense of America.  

And that is sad because it would change everything.

As the writer pointed out, we can’t rely on most politicians to take on issues unless we, the voters who keep them in office, are willing to spend the time prodding them into action.  This November’s election is less than 8 months away and the future of America is at stake.  Primaries that will determine who runs for office are coming in June.  Win or lose the Left will not stop trying to overturn the 2nd Amendment.  Work for and elect candidates who will defend the Constitution.

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

PO Box 165
East Aurora, NY 14052

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