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Leftist Talking Points Aren’t research

06/02/2022 9:53 AM | Anonymous

Leftist Talking Points Aren’t research  by Tom Reynolds

A Nevada newspaper featured an op-ed by an anti-gun writer who obviously had not researched the issue any deeper than a few leftist talking points.  What struck me is how shallow his comments were and betrayed a real lack of understanding about guns and gun control.  The following are his comments and my responses.

What is preventing background checks for all gun purchases? In Nevada, if you have a concealed carry weapons permit, no background check is required. And federal law does not require background checks for private sales. The purpose of a background check is to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, including criminals and juveniles.

A concealed carry permit holder has already passed the background check.  Many politicians propose laws to bury gun purchasers in regulations in order to make it more difficult to buy a gun than it already is?

90% of all homicide are committed by illegal guns and / or illegal users, so tightening the background check system does not affect those people – usually called criminals.

 How come you need a test and license to drive a car, but no such requirements for using a firearm? The U.S. has the highest gun deaths per capita than any other developed country.

Driving a car is not a constitutionally protected right.  Would you demand a test and license to exercise free speech, such as the writer of the op-ed did? 

And a license is a back door to creating a list of gun owners, which is illegal under federal law.

Statistics differ on a per capita basis.

 Why would one need an assault weapon that has no recreational value? An 18-year-old in Texas cannot buy beer, but can buy an assault gun. An AK-15 is a military weapon designed to create mass casualties and inflict superior damage to organs, and is not appropriate for civilian use. An AK-15 can fire 700 rounds per minute. There are over 15 million AK-15s in the U.S. And an AK-15, or a variant, has been used in several mass shootings, including Aurora, Colorado; Newtown, Connecticut; San Bernardino, California; and Sutherland Springs, Texas. And in Las Vegas, it took a state resident 10 minutes to shoot 1,000 rounds to kill 60 and wound 411.

The “Modern Sporting Rifle” (assault rifle) is an AR 15 which is only fired in semi-automatic – one shot per trigger pull.  700 rounds per minute would require 11+ trigger pulls per second.  (Even Roy Rogers wasn’t that fast!) The AK 15 is a Russian military rifle that fires in automatic.  Get your facts straight.  

Contrary to statement, the so-called assault weapon is properly labelled a “Modern Sporting Rifle”.  Because it has a lesser recoil, it is better suited to women. It allows a civilian (including women) to be on an equal or better basis in a fight against a criminal.

Why should an 18 years old not own a rifle?  An 18 years old can vote. And a vote causes both long and short term damage (Joe Biden for example.)

 How do you propose making our schools safer? As of May 2022 we have had 27 school shootings this year — more than one shooting per week. Recently, 19 children and two teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas. The Uvalde shooter legally purchased two assault rifles just after his 18th birthday. He had 30-round magazines but legislation to limit ammunition to 10 rounds have repeatedly failed.

Schools are all gun free zones.  Thus, all school shootings occur in gun free zones.  Do away with gun free zones so that a killer will know he will meet lethal opposition.  (Arm volunteer teachers.)  The recent killer in Buffalo NY stated he chose New York because of its strict gun laws making opposition less likely.

Another proposal is: Don’t elect D.A.’s who will not enforce the laws.

 Why would regulating gun ownership restrict our Second Amendment rights? Our Second Amendment reads in its entirety: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." I find it interesting that its cites “a well regulated Militia.” Interestingly, voting is regulated but that in no way restricts my right to vote.

Concerning voting, have you not heard the whining about voting laws being too restrictive? 

The history of the 2nd Amendment as related to “militia” is too complicated for a short answer here.  Try reading the Supreme Court decisions in Heller v DC and McDonald v Chicago, which explained it.

 Lastly, please be sure to explain the coincidence between the highest gun ownership per capita and the second highest gun total deaths worldwide. It has been reported that the states with the most guns also have the most gun deaths. In 2020, 45,222 Americans died by guns, or 124 each day. This is the highest number ever recorded, and a 43% increase from 2010. In 2021, 136 were killed in mass shootings, with one of every four deaths children or teens.

60+% of gun deaths, every year, are suicides.

90+% of other gun deaths, every year, happen with illegal weapons and illegal gun users so more laws will not impact them.

Per FBI statistics:

   More murders are committed with blunt objects (hammers) than all rifles.

   Many more murders are committed with knives than all rifles.

   More murders are committed with hands & feet than with all rifles.

On the other hand, the Center For Disease Control estimates that guns are used for defensive purposes 500,000 times a year.  (And that is considered a low estimate.)  Isn’t that a good reason to carry a gun?

As to children’s deaths, the surveys usually include, as children, teenage gang members and have been known to include children up to early 20’s.

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