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New York State Strikes Again

06/06/2022 2:58 PM | Anonymous

New York State Strikes Again  by Tom Reynolds

Never letting a tragedy go to waste, the New York legislature just passed a slew of bad legislation concerning guns - as legislators hurried out the door to work for reelection. 

Like the redistricting issue, as long as the left has unopposed control of the law-making process, they’ll push their agenda, ignoring facts, logic and the constitution.  Their goal is not protecting citizens but disarming citizens.  Once those laws are enacted, fighting them will cost thousands of dollars in court while the Albany swamp will defend those laws using the bottomless pockets of taxpayers. 

By-the-way, that’s why they’re going after the NRA.  Not because of its political contributions -the NRA is not one of the big political contributors - but because the NRA has the dollars to fight back, in court.

The new laws are meaningless in terms of safety.  Why?  Check out the FBI’s statistics covering a 5 years period on homicides; they’re available on line.  All rifles - not just semi-automatics:

  • are used less in homicides than knives,         
  • are used less in homicides than blunt instruments (hammers), 
  • are used less in homicides than hands & feet. 

Semi-automatic rifles are not the problem

The left likes to talk about the Buffalo shooter and the Uvalde shooter but the Buffalo shooter said he chose New York because of its strict gun laws, which made armed opposition less likely.  And all schools are gun free zones, which the Uvalde shooter knew.  Again, less likely to run into armed opposition.

If they wanted real change, the legislature would have done away with:  Bail Reform, Gun Free zones and made District Attorneys, like Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg and San Francisco’ Chesa Boudin, enforce the laws.   (Boudin is polling 10 points down in his Tuesday recall election.)     

One of the new laws extends existing licensing procedures for handguns to semi-automatic rifles.  It will require a license to purchase or take possession of a semi- automatic rifle.  If you thought getting a pistol permit was fun… 

You will now need a license to use your constitutional right.  What’s next?  A license to use your 1st Amendment rights to comment publicly about licensing laws? 

This is “License Creep”.  In 1934, automatics were licensed, then handguns, now semi-automatic rifles.  Next: Licenses for pump action shotguns?  

And the license will have to be recertified every 5 years.  More bureaucracy to deal with.

Borrow a semi-automatic rifle from a buddy to try out at the firing range and you will have committed a crime.  (Without that license you took possession, which is a crime.)

The law also raises to 21 the minimum age to purchase or possess any semi-automatic rifle.  Why not leave it at 18?  Do 18 years old lack judgement?  Lack maturity?  If that is so, why should they vote at 18?  Why should they be able to get an abortion without their parent’s’ consent before 18.  Why should they be able to identify as a different gender before 18?

Another unspoken reason for these laws, besides skirting around the 2nd Amendment, is to drive retailers out of New York.  You can’t buy guns, legally if no one is selling guns legally.

Previously, NY State passed a law that guns are a “Public Nuisance”, to get around the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 (PLCAA).  That is the law that Biden constantly lies about, saying gun manufacturers can’t be sued.  In truth, NY also is exposing gun stores as well as manufacturers to frivolous lawsuits which PLCAA shielded them from.    

Now, NYS requires a license for customers to buy the most popular firearm - the Modern Sporting Rifle.  This will slow down sales.  Without sales, retailers are out of business.

Now, retailers will have to store guns in a safe or secured area.  Gun retailers usually have dozens of guns on display which will now have to be moved into secure storage when closing and brought back out when opening.  In addition, ammo will have to be stored out of reach of customers, which means hiring additional staff to service the customer.  And to top it off, gun stores will have to install a high-level security system costing thousands of dollars.  The cost of a gun just went up because of “overhead expenses”.  But we need more inflation, right?

Acting in tandem with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) NYS is increasing record keeping requirements and putting gun stores in danger of losing their licenses over a minor paperwork infraction.

What the NY legislature and governor overlook (intentionally) is that the laws only effect law abiding citizens and not criminals.  90% of homicides involve illegal guns or illegal users.  More laws won’t stop criminals.

Our core problem is that the leftist culture is a culture without morals, a culture without ethics, a culture without American values and a culture without God.  Change the culture not the laws.         

And to all those hunters and others who believed the gun control movement was not coming for them, guess again.  How many times will theses gun owners need to be slapped before they realize that the left is serious about taking away their guns.

The legislators who crammed through these laws - in the tradition of Andrew Cuomo and the SAFE Act - will be running for reelection.  If we want to regain New York and our rights, we need to tell these politicians how we feel about reelecting them.  Chris Jacobs just found out he should not have messed with gun owners.  It’s time for other politicians to get that message.

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