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Monday’s Newspaper

06/07/2022 10:10 PM | Anonymous

Monday’s Newspaper  by Tom Reynolds

Monday’s newspapers had some interesting things in it – and not in it.

Gunmen in southern Nigeria opened fire on Christian worshippers on Sunday, killing at least 50 people.  Per Australia’s University of Sydney, “In Nigeria, civilians are not allowed to possess machine-guns, military rifles (assault weapons) and handguns.”  Unfortunately for 50 church goers, in Nigeria as in America, criminals didn’t obey the law. 

One has to wonder how many church goers would be alive if the worshippers had been as armed as their attackers?  Would the attack have even taken place if the terrorists had known that the worshippers were heavily armed?

Joe Biden is worried about “right wing terrorists” at school board meetings.  Nigeria could show him what real terrorism is like.

Another article focused on, “Guns divide faith communities”.  As you might imagine, it focused on gun possession being anti-religious. 

One activist asked: ”How can you be pro-life and not support getting rid of assault rifles?” Speaking for those who are anti-abortion, abortion kills a defenseless human being and gun owners do not want to be defenseless victims, so we arm to protect ourselves and others.  That’s how we can be anti-abortion and pro-gun.    

But let’s take that answer further.  Sean Connery’s famous line in The Untouchables movie made fun of the stupidity of “bringing a knife to a gun fight”.  We want to be as armed or, better yet, more heavily armed than any assailant.  If the assailant has a knife, we want a handgun.  If the assailant has a hand gun, we want an “Assault Weapon” with lots of rounds of ammunition in the magazine - or a pump action shotgun with lots of rounds in the magazine.  Since women are smaller than men, to defend themselves they need a weapon tailored to their need: a light weight, light recoil “Assault Rifle” with a full magazine works fine.  That’s why the Modern Sporting Rifle – misnamed as an “Assault Rifle” - is one of the preferred weapons for home defense.

Another article pushed long waiting periods for the purchase of guns and gave all the reasons for it.  It neglected to list even one reason for shorter waiting periods.  For instance, it missed that if a person is threatened, they would not want to wait 30 days to get a gun for defense.  After all, a Restraining Order is just a piece of paper and while police may be minutes away, help from a gun arrives at 1,500 feet per second. 

What was hardly mentioned was that Monday was June 6th.  Didn’t something rather important happen on that day, to save civilization, 78 years ago? 

Snoopy had a cartoon tribute and there was a one sentence note about D Day in the section, “Today In History”.  More space in that section was given to rallies in support of Black Lives Matter and George Floyd.  Rallies?  Seemed more like riots as I remember them.

It might have been a nice counterpoint to the anti-gun articles to point out what Hitler did in Western Europe is what tyrants always do, they disarm the citizens to prevent effective opposition.  Fortunately, for Western Europe, America and its allies had guns.

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