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True Feelings

06/10/2022 10:45 AM | Anonymous

True Feelings  by Tom Reynolds

A friend recently said that picking a political candidate to back is like buying a lottery ticket; you hope you got it right but your chances are slim.

In the case of some politicians, you never know their true feelings until they no longer need your vote or they let it slip out.

This short article reinforces the need to keep a politicians’ feet-to-the-fire, and hope they don’t betray you when they are going out-the-door. 

3 New York Republicans join Democrats in gun bill vote (

Unfortunately, when they are going-out-the-door, some forget that they were elected on their stated beliefs and how those beliefs agree with their constituent’s beliefs.  It’s not a sign of some greater virtue to finally reveal their true feelings and, in effect, say “fooled ya”, when the constituents can no longer react in the voting booth.  Others who get elected and reelected should have on their tombstone, “Here lies the lesser of two evils”.

When Chris Jacobs slipped and let us know his true feelings, 2nd Amendment organizations like SCOPE jumped in quickly and ended his political career, at least for now.  (Some like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton never go away.) 

Some like John Katko merely can say “fooled ya” and go live on government pensions.

Others like Michelle Malliotakis may go on as the “lesser of two evils”.  Not exactly a campaign phrase to excite voters.

We need SCOPE and its members to be ever vigilant and to unhesitatingly call out politicians when those politicians try to wiggle around their party values, campaign promises and constitutional standards.

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