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Every Gun Owners Own Personal IRS Agent

08/09/2022 1:51 PM | Anonymous

Every Gun Owners Own Personal IRS Agent  by Tom Reynolds

Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan became the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.  It passed in the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. It now heads to the House where members are expected back from vacation on Friday and could begin to debate and vote on the bill.

If passed, tens of billions of dollars from the bill would go toward hiring 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents.  Just think, you will have your own personal IRS agent!  And you probably will.  The new bureaucrats could be used to target conservatives and – dare I say it – gun owners and 2nd Amendment defense organizations.

No!  Say it couldn’t happen under that champion of the middle class, Scranton Joe. But in 2013, under Barack Obama and Vice President Scranton Joe, the IRS delayed and added extra scrutiny to the processing of nonprofit tax status applications of conservative organizations. The IRS even apologized and admitted that it did it.  (But they claimed it was all lower level people in Cincinnati!)  Amazingly – or perhaps not so amazingly - after a two-year investigation by one branch of the Swamp (the Department of Justice) the DOJ announced it was declining to seek criminal charges against another member of the Swamp. By the way, the person generally considered to be at the center of the plot, Lois Lerner, is past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Law – and that explains a lot.

Remember those Founding Father’s “antiquated” ideas about the dangers of big government?

In addition to new IRS agents, the bill spends $370 billion on a litany of Democratic Party spending priorities such as climate change, green energy and Obamacare. 

You may remember Scranton Joe’s campaign promise: no one making $400,000 or less should see increased taxes.  The Joint Committee on Taxation concluded that the new bill would increase tax revenue by $16.7 billion on Americans earning less than $200,000 a year.  I’m not an economist but I’m pretty sure $200,000 is less than $400,000

But this is an Inflation Reduction Act and inflation is the number one problem for many Americans!  Despite the name of the bill, it's unclear if the legislation will have any meaningful impact on inflation reduction.  In a rare agreement with conservatives, Bernie Sanders referred to the bill as the "so-called" Inflation Reduction Act, and acknowledged that it would have "minimal impact" on reducing inflation.

Why no decrease in inflation in spite of its name?

Last year’s American Rescue Plan was $1.9 trillion and the Infrastructure bill was $1.2 trillion.  This Inflation Reduction Act is ONLY $430 billion.  Oh yeah, before these bills, the annual budget deficit was in the hundreds of billions.  Where is all that money coming from?  The Federal Reserve is going to print it and then loan it to the federal government.

One major cause of inflation is more demand than supply.  Put another way, more dollars to spend than products available to buy.  Printing money increases dollars to spend which increases demand and increases inflation.  Oops! 

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to slow down borrowing and reduce the money supply in order to slow inflation.  So, while the Federal reserve is trying to reduce the money supply, Scranton Joe and Chuck Schumer are increasing the money supply.  Seems like the government is working against itself?  Remember, these are the same people who brought you the Afghanistan withdrawal.  

Trying to put a positive spin on these things; why worry?  Kickback Kathy Hochul’s new gun laws will probably make many gun owners into felons and inflation is not a problem for people in prison. 

Lots of gun owners don’t like politics and like economics even less, so they don’t vote (which leads to the above) and they probably don’t read this email. But if you DO care that even a so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will be turned into another open invitation for abuse of gun owners (and anyone effected by inflation), you might consider a quick note to your congressperson expressing your opinion.

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