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Hanlon’s Razor

08/12/2022 10:22 AM | Anonymous

Hanlon’s Razor  by Tom Reynolds

On Thursday, I theorized that the raid on Trump’s home was a message from the D.C. Swamp that they will use the power of the government to try to destroy anyone who dares oppose them and even an ex-president is within their reach. 

We know that Trump lives rent-free in the heads of the left.  Two impeachments, one of which was unconstitutional and occurred after he left office, the January 6th “kangaroo court” and the Russia hoax all prove that.  Even with that in mind, invading Trump’s home seems so politically mindless that one has to wonder what the Biden administration was thinking? 

The answer is a theory called Hanlon’s Razor which says: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Biden once described his son Hunter as, “…the smartest man I know”.  Obviously, Biden travels in circles where the bar on “smartness” is really low, which might explain why his administration invaded Trump’s home. 

The leftist media is trying desperately to justify the Mar-a-Lago invasion, which may well be ranked alongside the Bay of Pigs Invasion as Democrat disasters. 

The current state of the Democrat Party is much like Wylie Coyote chasing the Roadrunner.  Wylie and the Democrats are desperate for anything that will derail their adversary.  The democrats want to stop Trump from becoming the Republican candidate in 2024, but everything they try backfires.  Inspired by the January 6th kangaroo court, the looney left (including the media) has put tremendous pressure on Attorney General Garland to do something – anything – and thus the raid.

Since Franklin Roosevelt, the D.C. Swamp has been increasing and consolidating its power.  They now seem so confidant in their absolute power that they will use it in unprecedented ways without fear of reprisal.

Senator Ted Cruz recently pointed out that the FBI is using symbols of possible violent extremism as a reason to begin investigating groups such as 2nd Amendment defenders and patriot groups.  Among these symbols are such extremist phrases as Molon Labeand Come and Take it as well as the Gadsden flag and the Betsy Ross flag.  By the way, two Betsy Ross flags flew behind Biden at his inauguration!

Several polls have Trump losing, if he runs in 2024.  But the left seems totally obsessed by the thought of Trump running again and they must prevent it by any means.  That indicates that the polls are wrong and the democrat elite live in fear of a Trump victory.

Given the audacity that the D.C. Swamp is now showing, a question that needs to be asked: if a Republican wins the Presidency in 2024, and especially if Trump is that person, will the D.C. Swamp allow a peaceful transition of power?  Remember, while the left condemns January 6th incidents, it stood by for months and allowed cities to burn.  History shows us that when tyrants believe their hold on power is seriously threatened, they will resort to any tactics to maintain power and control.

Deeply Democrat states have their own version of the Swamp and they are growing equally bold in ignoring laws they don’t like, (such as the recent Supreme Court decisions on the 2nd Amendment), and even bolder in enforcing only those laws that they choose to enforce.  Luckily, there aren’t many of these states but, unluckily, New York is one of them.

Which brings us back to the need for a 2nd Amendment.

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