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Voting Facts

08/30/2022 10:38 AM | Anonymous

Voting Facts  by Tom Reynolds

Many people and especially gun owners believe there is little reason to vote because New York City will always win.  However, a SCOPE member, Bob Brannon, has put together the following Power Point with the following comments that shows a different story.  Its numbers are straight from the New York Board of Elections.  This presentation may surprise you.  It may also be useful in making a straight forward presentation about the need to vote in New York State.          

Everyone should understand the gravity of what is happening in relation to the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights, not only in New York, but across the country.  We can change that by voting.  There are, in fact, enough votes outside of New York City to win elections in what is considered by many to be a solid Democrat, anti-gun state.  NY is a liberal state because millions of active voters DID NOT VOTE.

Why and how does this happen? What can we as individuals do to address this problem? What course of action can we take? There are no guarantees of success...only failure for those who do not try.  To succeed, we must stand unified and be willing to participate in something that is greater than self.

The following comments apply to the attached power point.

Slide one;
These are the current numbers of registered active voters both in and outside of NY City.  Pay attention to the voters outside of NY City, just over seven and a quarter million.

Slide two;
These are the 2018 election cycle numbers of registered active voters both in and outside of NY City.  Again, pay attention to the voters outside of NY City, just over seven million.

Slide three;
This shows the shift in voters between the 2018 cycle and the 2022 cycle.  A mass exodus began out of NY city in 2020.  (Due to covid, taxes and exploding crime?)   

Also note the rise in voters outside of NY city.  Changes are happening.

Slide four;
These are the votes actually cast in the 2018 gubernatorial election. A very simple question arises: “who did not vote”?  Almost three million voters (2,929,913) did not vote from upstate and Long Island. While, just over two and one half million voters (2,648,991) did not vote from New York City.  280,922 more people skipped voting outside of NY City than in NY City.

Slide five;
Across the entire state, Democrat ACTIVE voters outnumber Republican ACTIVE voters by a slightly greater margin of two to one. Although Republicans are outnumbered, elections are lost because almost 3 million non-NY City voters did not vote!   

Slide 6;
Gubernatorial map of 2018 election. A first glance would have most folks thinking that New York is a red (Republican) state.

The ten blue counties that are outside of New York City are the most populous in the non-NY City environment. But Republican / Conservative Governor candidate Molinaro garnered over forty percent of the vote in eight of the ten blue counties and Molinaro lost the ten blue counties by 288,667 votes.  And remember just under three million upstate voters never voted.

Slide 7;
Cuomo did not have the New York City vote to thank for his third term...he had the nearly three million non-voters from outside of New York City to thank for that!  A fact that the media in this state has a habit of overlooking.

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