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Did Your News Media Miss This?

10/24/2022 4:37 PM | Anonymous

Did Your News Media Miss This?  by Tom Reynolds

Approximately 285 students are enrolled at Garret Morgan High School in Cleveland, Ohio.  On September 14th, a security officer spotted four masked and armed gunmen pull up in three cars – later found to be stolen.  The four appeared to be teenagers, although masked.

The gunmen approached the school. The school went into lockdown and the security officer called 911.

When the gunmen continued to approach the school, the officer repeatedly said to people in the school, “Don’t let them in the building.”  Another person yelled, “Don’t let ’em in the building!” And another person seemed to relay that message to others, echoing, “Don’t let ’em in the building!”

Keep the school locked down,” the dispatcher instructed the 911 caller.

Moments later, the security officer said, “They’re inside the building. They’re in the outer part.”

The dispatcher responded with, “They got in the building?”

These masked, armed and dangerous gunmen got through one door, but they stopped in a vestibule where a second set of doors were locked.

Cleveland police got there quickly.  Officers approached the gunmen and the gunmen took off running. A prolonged foot chase went through the neighborhood and across a highway.  One escaped but the police arrested three of them.  The police also found two guns. 

How did four masked and armed gunmen get into a school on lockdown?

Two school administrators — Christopher Kane and Carolyn Elias, both assistant principals — let them in.

Let them in!  Why?

According to WJW TV, one of the vice principals said, “I confirmed the interior doors were locked and instructed the four suspects to come to the vestibule because it was unsafe to be outside because I saw police officers.

Apparently, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is not aware of teenage gangs’ inclination for violence as it defended the principals.  Did it believe that the second set of doors would have stopped four armed gunmen if they had decided to go further.  (It probably also believes in the tooth fairy.)

Not everyone agreed with the school district.

"RECKLESS + DANGEROUS," said the National Fraternal Order of Police in response, "@CLEMetroSchools administrators at Garrett Morgan HS allowed MASKED GUNMEN to enter the school in order to protect the gunmen from *wait for it* police officers outside. They risked the lives of CHILDREN to show how woke they are. Can’t make it up."

Ken Trump, who runs National School Safety and Security Services in Cleveland, was also very critical. "You’ve just let them one step closer in…The goal is to keep students away from harm. You don’t let the bad guy, especially when you know they’re the bad guy, get closer into your school building."

Two woke principals put 285 students in mortal danger to protect armed teenagers from the police.  You can’t get more woke than that!  It was only luck that prevented the situation from escalating.  Oh yeah, in spite of the vice principals’ concerns about the police, none of the perpetrators were injured in the chase.

One 16-year-old who was also wanted in a robbery case was charged for having a gun on him and locked up in the detention center.  The woke social justice system treated the two others “wokely;” they were sent home in their own recognizance to wait as a prosecutor reviewed the case.  (Entering a school building while masked, armed and after stealing a car - and they were sent home.  Nothing dangerous about them!)

In another unrelated situation which demonstrates that common sense is uncommon in some school administrators, earlier this year a 7 years old Wisconsin boy was arrested and charged with sexual harassment by a school administrator because he used the wrong pronoun when addressing another student.  (You can’t make this up!)

One final thought about why this is important to gun owners – as well as anyone with a child in school.  Under NY State’s Red Flag laws, school administrators are considered responsible enough to Red Flag other people as dangerous owners of firearms.

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