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10/31/2022 5:20 PM | Anonymous

Issues  by Tom Reynolds

SCOPE wrote how the Democrats are trying to distract voters from the Democrat’s record.  Here is some straight talk on the major issues:

Recession.  The Wall Street Journal’s survey of economists found that the probability of a recession in the next 12 months is 63 percent. An economic model run by Bloomberg Economics registered the probability of a recession at 100 percent. The Conference Board's leading economic indicators point to a recession by the end of this year.

Biden seems to agree.  Republican control of Congress cannot happen until January but Biden is already blaming them for the coming recession.  He said: “…you need to know this Republican leadership in Congress has made it clear they will crash the economy next year.” 

Inflation is running at a level not seen in 40 years. Interest rates are soaring. Democrats falsely claim inflation started with Trump and, truthfully, that it is a worldwide issue. 

Other issues do contribute to the problem but the main cause is printing trillions of dollars in order to buy votes (economic stimulus) and fund the “Green New Deal”.

Central Banks are trying to hold down inflation by tightening the money supply (raising interest rates and not rebuying government bonds as they mature).  The opposite policy is pushed by leftist politicians who want to expand the money supply with more economic stimulus (to buy votes). 

Democrat Stacey Abrams has a unique solution.  She stated that abortion is the answer to bringing down inflation!  (Honestly, she did say that.) 

Forgiveness of Student Loans buys votes but it may be illegal, it is being contested in court and it will contribute to inflation! 

People that worked their way through college or have paid off their student loans won’t be happy about this nor will those that never went to college, since the loans are being shifted to them from those that borrowed the money.  (Who knew we co-signed loans for people we never met.) 

Why more economic stimulus in the face of inflation?  Answer: college grads tend to vote Democrat in greater numbers.

Climate Change.  Democrats argue actions are necessary to save the world from rising oceans.  But Barack Obama keeps buying ocean front property!

Energy costs are skyrocketing.  God put enormous amounts of raw energy beneath our feet and capitalism gave us the technology to extract it.  The left opposes God, fossil fuels and capitalism.

The left’s real aim is to raise fossil fuel costs up to the higher level of green energy.  Are they surprised that energy consumers are unhappy at the increased costs and might vote to throw them from office?   

Government subsidies are the only thing keeping green energy in business and ‘you aint seen nothing yet.”  They have only just begun to subsidize!    

Abortion is supposed to motivate Democrats after Roe v Wade was overturned.  But the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision did not outlaw abortion; SCOTUS said abortion was a state issue and the federal government did not have the power to regulate it.  This threatens the left, which believes power should be consolidated, where they can easily control it, at the federal level. 

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also justifies abortion as an antidote for a recession: I believe that eliminating the rights of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy…” 

Crime.  Democrats claim the answer to rising crime is more gun control. 

Criticize their policies and you are a racist since the big cities they control - and where crime is rampant - are ‘diverse’. 

Conservatives believe the problems aren’t racism and gun control but are, instead: bail reform laws; soft on crime D A’s; unchecked illegal immigration; gun laws disarming law-abiding citizens; defund the police; and the leftist culture that blames society instead of the criminal.   

Defund the Police.  Democrats now claim it was only a small minority of Democrats that called for defunding the police.  They also claim it was mostly peaceful protests that destroyed inner cities.

Police unions are endorsing a Republican, Lee Zeldin, for NY Governor, which is previously unheard of in New York State.

Racism.  Disagree with a Democrat and you are labelled a racist.  It could backfire as people do not like being labelled as racist just because they used their 1st Amendment rights.  But the left sees racism charges as the path to silencing any criticism of their policies. 

Propaganda in schools.  Home schooling during Covid exposed the leftist agenda being taught in schools.  Parents then objected and were labelled terrorists. Democrats believe parents should not have a say in their children’s education.

Major issues that are being promoted against parents’ will are gender identity, Critical Race Theory and rewriting American history as all due to racism. 

Boys competing in girls’ sports and boys using girls’ locker rooms are also big issues.

Gun Control.  SCOTUS reaffirmed our 2nd Amendment rights and Democrats reacted by basically saying SCOTUS decisions and the Constitution do not apply in New York State.

Military. The military services are falling well short of their recruitment goals. 

Why put your life on the line for the racist country that the left paints?  Join the military and be brainwashed by the left’s propaganda is not a good recruitment ad.  Lives are in danger when the top military officers are more politician than warfighter and confuse diversity with lethality.

Politicizing the Justice Department.  The Justice Department and its FBI are denizens of the D C Swamp, not the impartial arbiters of justice that they are supposed to be.  We now know why our founders were afraid of a national police force.

Foreign Policy. It’s been said that Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of history in every foreign policy decision.  Nothing has changed.

Donald Trump.  Trump has not been president for almost two years but he still lives rent free in Democrats’ heads.  They want to energize those that hate him and keep him from running again for president, all the while distracting voters from the above issues.

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