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Pinion versus Schumer

11/04/2022 11:55 AM | Anonymous

Pinion versus Schumer  by Tom Reynolds

Chuck Schumer is running for reelection as a U.S. Senator for New York.  He’s favored and his cohorts in the press have done all they can to keep the race out of the news to insure Schumer’s win over a less well-known opponent, Joe Pinion.  Schumer did agree to one debate that was not widely televised or publicized; that’s good for Schumer because his opponent more than held his own.

Many of Pinion’s answers centered around his description of Schumer as, “The best politician but a failed Senator.”

Schumer bragged about throwing money at every issue and avoided talking about results.

Foremost on voters’ minds is inflation and the Federal Reserve is fighting it by trying to reduce the money supply.  In opposition, both the federal and NY State governments want to increase the money supply; they’re working against the Federal Reserve, a battle which should prolong inflation.  

When questioned about inflation, Schumer repeatedly boasted about his work on the Inflation Reduction Act, That act featured sweeping climate and health care spending that will increase the money supply and fuel inflation – not reduce it.  Pinion correctly responded, “…(it) is going to explode inflation. It is not going to reduce the inflation…COVID did not cause the inflation…The response to COVID caused the inflation - the printing of money, $6 trillion worth." 

Schumer lauded reducing student loans as another answer to inflation but it, too, will have the opposite effect by increasing the money supply and fueling inflation.

Schumer uses inflation as a reason to tax corporations.  Pinion wants to cut taxes on individuals.

When questioned about Covid, Schumer punted; he wants to defer to medical experts.  (Perhaps he has forgotten that one of his ‘medical experts’ is the Secretary of Human Services Xavier Bacerra, who is a lawyer and career politician but not a doctor.  And let’s not forget Dr. Fauci’s contributions to medical expertise!)

What Schumer the politician forgets is that leaders get information from many sources – including medical experts - but the leader is the one who has to use wisdom and decide the correct decision.  Apparently, the buck doesn’t stop with Schumer.

Pinion is against mask mandates and stressed that we need 2022 answers to Covid not 2020 answers, as we know a lot more, now.

The two disagreed on bringing back the nation’s assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004, as it was ineffective.  Schumer supports a ban and Pinion emphatically said ‘No’.  Pinion wants to get the guns out of criminals’ hands, which, he said, is not Schumer’s priority.

Schumer bragged about beating the left’s favorite boogeyman, the NRA, and passing so-called gun safety laws.  Given the increased level of violence, the Schumer’ laws have apparently not worked.

Schumer focused on legislation Democrats have passed since he became Senate majority leader and President Biden took office in 2021.  All of them involved throwing money at problems without getting results.  For example, Schumer boasted about all the money he has thrown at anti-poverty programs while Pinion pointed out that Schumer was spending more money with less results.

Schumer also highlighted his work on the opioid/ fentanyl problem, which was to spend more money.  (Note: You may have noticed we still have those problems.) 

Pinion’s first step in dealing with illegal immigration would be to secure the border and that we also need more immigration agents and not 87,000 IRS agents.  

Schumer blamed Republicans for the illegal immigrant invasion of our southern border because Republicans would not pass ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’.  Schumer did not mention that his program would involve legalizing illegal aliens and a path to citizenship for those that broke the law as reasons that Republicans opposed it.

Pinion also pointed out that Biden has been encouraging illegals to come. 

And as to immigration funding for NY City, Pinion believes we need to solve the problem before we encourage more illegals by increasing their funding.  (A novel approach; solve the problem instead of funding it.)

Both differed on Climate Change and Schumer wanted to blame Donald Trump because he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, while Pinion labelled the Paris Accord as toothless. 

Pinion wants to focus on the countries that are the major polluters, and punish China. 

I believe that we need to start taxing the pollution that occurs from beyond our borders.”  Schumer, on the other hand, wants to punish America by seriously considering a carbon tax on his own country. 

Schumer believes his programs will reduce HVAC expenses by up to $1,800 by 2030.  (It’s rumored that he also believes in Santa Claus.)

The Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is a state and not a federal issue.  Schumer wants it to be a federal issue.  Pinion countered, "I do not support a national ban because the Supreme Court just said it was a matter for the states.  I don't think we should have patience for politicians who pass legislation knowing it violates that law." 

Schumer also dodged the question about parental consent for a minor having an abortion.

Schumer wants to see the political rhetoric / temperature lowered.  Pinion charged that Schumer should lower his own rhetoric, referencing the senator's warning to conservative justices on the Supreme Court that they would reap the whirlwind if they overturn Roe v. Wade. “You are the one who had that rhetoric and do you apologize to Justice Kavanagh, Pinion challenged."  Schumer responded, without apologizing, "The words I used that day were probably the wrong choice of words."

Schumer spoke of “horrible MAGA judges” and also said he was open to the idea of expanding the number of Supreme Court justices, an idea that Pinion rejected.

Schumer has been in Congress or the Senate since 1981 and often appeared smug, knowing his weak performance would not be seen by many voters.  Pinion was not at all intimidated to be in the presence of a DC Swamp denizen.

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