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2023 Looks Better!

11/23/2022 11:14 AM | Anonymous

2023 Looks Better  by Henry Kramer

Although final returns are not yet in from all districts at this writing, it is clear that the House will flip to Republican control, come the new year.  The margin may be small but there are definite consequences that should be of good cheer to second amendment protectors.

     It becomes unlikely that overbearing federal gun control legislation will make it through House committees or be passed in the next two years. However, in the “lame duck” session in this November and December, anything can happen – and it’s all bad.

    Vigilance is still required and so is voting.  If all registered gun owners in New York State had voted their interests in the midterms, Zeldin would have won the governorship and could have blocked overly strict gun control laws.  There will be another chance, in 2024, to replace second amendment hating legislators with those who believe in protecting constitutionalrights.

There is even some good news for New York residents. Although the New York legislatures remain firmly in Democrat hands, this election had to be sobering to New York Democrats.  Several House seats flipped from Democrat to Republican and Republicans came closer to winning the governor's race.

Democrats can blame their House loss on their redistricting overreach which forced a judge to rewrite the districts into something more In line with the NY Constitution. Had Democrats not been so greedy, the judge would probably have accepted a less one-sided redistricting and the Democrats might have kept a few seats, which might have saved the House for them.

Democrats should be scared.  They may need to think twice before they continue their quest to impose harsh gun control legislation on the people of New York.  But will they think twice? The possibility does exist that they will "double down" on gun control and continue to pass gun legislation that will likely not survive review in the courts and before the U.S. Supreme Court. They know it takes time and money to overturn these unconstitutional laws, through the courts.

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