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Pit Bulls and Propaganda

12/12/2022 11:52 AM | Anonymous

Pit Bulls and Propaganda  by Tom Reynolds

Why didn’t Republicans win big?  Election history and most major issues were on their side.  Did abortion overshadow crime, inflation and immigration numbers?  Is “it’s the economy” no longer operative?

Or something else?

Fox news is the only reliably Republican / Conservative news channel and it consistently draws about as many viewers as the left-wing cable channels MSNBC and CNN combined.  But, combined, the leftist ABC, CBS and NBC news draws 3 times as many viewers as Fox.  Combine those three with MSNBC and CNN and 4 out of 5 news viewers are getting a left-wing slant on the news. 

Could left wing propaganda, playing constantly, have brain washed voters?

Read a story about election fraud and anything Trump says will have added to it “without proof”.  Question the 2020 election and be labelled “election denier”.

On the other hand, Hakeem Jeffries just replaced Nancy Pelosi as Democrat House Minority Leader.  He tweeted, “The more we learn about 2016 election the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes. America deserves to know whether we have a FAKE president in the Oval Office. #Russian Interference”.  He sounds like a “2016 election denier” and “Russian Interference” is “without proof”.  How many stories label him as such?

How much coverage did “Russia Collusion” get after it was proven to be a lie?

Hunter Biden’s “computer from hell” and various other accounts tying Joe Biden into using his offices for profit were suppressed.  A few leftist media are admitting the laptop story is true - but then drop it.   

When articles label the 2020 election as stolen, will the media stop adding “without proof”?

How much did those issues influence voters in 2020 - if publicized?

The why and when issues are presented are also worth noting.

Just before the election, every day, there was at least one front page story on a major issue.  Each was written to downplay Republican positions and emphasize Democrat positions; crime, immigration, inflation and the economy were not major problems threatening the core of America but abortion and gun control were huge crises.  

Military recruiting is reported to be down.  Reasons given for that are: mandatory vaccine; labor shortage; low unemployment; schools shut down; not meeting physical educational or moral requirements; criminal records; medical issues.  Notice what’s missing from reporting?  Not a mention of the military going Woke!  Apparently, brainwashing the military into believing they will be putting their life on the line for what the woke says is a racist, white supremacist nation is not a disincentive to joining up.    

Left wing media also waited until post-election to deliver bad news.

After the election, headlines read, “Rising costs straining college athletic budgets”.  Had inflation changed from before the election?  Answer: only that the media did not want to make voters more conscious of inflation before they voted.

Woke Disney announced huge layoffs - after the election.

A crypto currency company – whose founder was a HUGE Democrat donor - collapsed into bankruptcy after the election and billions are missing.  The media is more interested in who Trump dines with.

A post-election newspaper article happily reported that election problems were minimal and proved it…by reporting only on minimal problems.  Somehow, it missed Maricopa County in Arizona.  Try this link for a credible story on major election problems that the media somehow missed: Maricopa's Election Was A Bigger Disaster Than People Realize (

In June, the Gannett chain, which owns hundreds of newspapers across the country, scaled back its opinion pages in an effort to combat a perception of Gannett having a political bias. (Ya’ think!) 

Gannett found that young readers in particular "…often can’t tell the difference between news reporting and opinion, especially online," and readers "…often mistakenly believe that news stories are dictated by the paper’s editorial side," according to the Post.  (Mistakenly believe news stories are dictated by the editorial side?)

My local newspaper is a Gannett chain paper.  After Trump’s 2016 election, for the next 21 days there were 20 negative editorials about Trump, one of which was on the front page – and not labelled an editorial.  In that same period there was 1 Trump story that was neutral; not positive but neutral. Maybe there is a reason that young readers can’t tell the difference. 

One of the strategies of the left is to blame their opponents for what they are doing.  Remember all the coverage about “Democracy being on the ballot” which was supposed to convey that it was Republicans endangering Democracy.  Until news becomes reporting and not advocacy, Democracy will be on the ballot but not in a way portrayed by the media. 

Right issue, wrong party.

So, what do we do about it?

First, we must eliminate disappointment over the lack of the anticipated “Red Wave” as that disappointment influences our perception. If you were hoping to win the $2 billion Power Ball lottery and only got the 2nd prize, you may think “what might have been” but you should be happy because you just won $1 million.  We won the House and we now have a dog-in-the-fight.  (The question remains: is it a Poodle or a Pit Bull?)

And through no fault of our own or the Republican Party, Elon Musk has the left in a panic because Twitter will stop unfairly censoring Conservatives.  Anyone who disagrees with the left is labelled misinformation – by the left – and they want Twitter to protect us from it.

No thank you.

Wealthy Republican supporters and Republican election committees should concentrate less on advertising and more on gaining control of some media outlets.

The Republicans now control the House and we should expect a dead stop in the left’s expansion and a roll back of some of the left’s victories over the past two years. But reasonably, the left will control the Senate and the Presidency so the House can’t roll back everything.  What we don’t need is more reaching across the aisle with their lips.  We need leadership that will take the hits from the left-wing media and produce some victories.

A Pit Bull.

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