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12/15/2022 5:41 PM | Anonymous

WHY  by Tom Reynolds

Why is it unamerican for the Census to count Americans?

Why is Russia influencing American elections not okay but illegal aliens voting in American elections is okay?

Why was Biden blackmailing Ukraine’s president okay but Trump asking about it is an impeachable offense?

Why is a man pretending to be a woman okay and we have to also pretend it’s okay?

Why is there no such thing as gender but we need a female president?

Why is it that 20 year old’s cannot drink beer or buy semi-automatic guns in New York State but 18 year old’s can vote?

Why should people who have never been slave holders pay reparations to people who have never been slaves?

Why is it that we are responsible for things that happened before we were born but criminals are not responsible for their current activities?

Why is it that people who never went to college should pay off the college loans of people who went to college?

Why is it that if you cheat to get into college you go to prison but if you cheat to get into America you go to college for free?

Why is it racist to refer to Covid as the China Virus even though it started in China but it is okay to label violence as gun violence?

Why is killing murderers wrong but killing unborn babies okay?

Why are Republican “election deniers” bad but a 2016 “election denier” can be the Democrat House Minority leader?

Just asking for a friend.

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