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On Monday

06/28/2023 12:52 PM | Anonymous

On Monday, SCOPE wrote about Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal on gun felonies.  If you thought that Joe Biden’s approach to crime was hypocritical - as well as odd – on August 1, 2022, the White House web site highlighted another aspect of Biden’s “Safer America Plan.”

Stores are leaving major cities where DA’s and mayors are more concerned about criminals than victims and stopping crime is not a priority.  Nordstrom, Walmart, Whole Foods, Starbucks, CVS are a few examples of major chains deserting crime ridden cities.  And not just retailers.  Chicago lost corporate headquarters for Caterpillar, Tyson Foods, Boeing and Citadel (a $51 billion hedge fund.) 

So, what does Biden want to do about it?  Actually, nothing.  He wants online marketplaces such as Amazon to solve the crime problem and do a better job of policing goods being ‘fenced’ on their web sites.

Here is what the White House says: “To tackle organized retail theft, the plan calls on Congress to pass legislation to require online marketplaces, such as Amazon, to verify third-party sellers’ information, and to impose liability on online marketplaces for the sale of stolen goods on their platforms.”

CNN disagrees with Biden (as well as every credible news agency in the world.)  CNN believes the reason stores are leaving these cities is not crime but – there are too many stores; “a glut.”

Well, CNN’s problem will solve itself.  


On June 16th, Biden made a speech at the University of Hartford where he continued to show his confusion about crime and gun control and almost everything else.

In praising the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, (BSCA) Biden claimed his “son was the first to enforce ‘Red Flag’ laws when he was Attorney General of Delaware.”  Delaware enacted its “red flag” law in 2018.  His son, Beau Biden, died in 2015.

Biden also claimed that the BSCA made “straw purchases” illegal.  Purchasing a firearm for someone else who is prohibited from purchasing a firearm has been illegal for decades, as has misrepresenting who is the real buyer.

Whoever writes his speeches needs to get in touch with reality.  Biden further defended the BSCA by saying: “And in most cities — down in Philadelphia and New York, areas I know well — like up here — you’d see a truck pull up, pull to the curb, and selling weapons — selling guns, selling AR-15.  Selling weapons.” 

Crime may be out of control in those cities but pulling to the curb and selling AR-15’s out of a truck would be a bridge-too far, even in those cities, since unlicensed firearms dealing was illegal before the BSCA.

It’s surprising that Biden didn’t accuse “Corn pop” of doing the weapons selling.

And Biden was only getting warmed up!

The BSCA, “Put a pistol on a brace, and it…turns into a gun.”

I thought a pistol was a gun even before a stabilizing brace was attached to it?

Then he added that stabilizing braces, “Makes them where you can have a higher-caliber weapon — a higher-caliber bullet coming out of that gun.”

A stabilizing brace changes the caliber of the weapon?  Does Biden have even a clue about what he is saying? 

Bided closed by saying, God save the Queen, man.”  He could not have been referring to Queen Elizabeth, who died nine months earlier.  Was he referring to drag queens as this is their “pride month” and would explain adding ‘man’ at the end?”

It’s scary that politicians pass laws about things they know nothing about.

Remember when he said: “there can be no more than eight bullets in a round?” Or when he said “…nobody says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it.”

Actually, all known technology says you can’t have eight bullets in a round or 100 clips in a magazine.


And when it comes to self-deception about guns (or just about anything else), NY’s Governor Kathy Hochul ranks with Biden. 

In a video her office posted on Twitter, she said, “A year ago today, the Supreme Court ruled to strip away the rights of a governor to protect her people from concealed carry weapons.”

“We refused to go backwards.”

Actually, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that governors must act within the confines of the law, otherwise known as the United States Constitution.  That’s what really ticked off Hochul.

SCOTUS did NOT take away the governor’s power to protect stores from being robbed, people from being assaulted on subways or the power to prosecute criminals and keep them in jail.  Hochul would rather take away the constitutional right to protect oneself with a gun than protect ‘her people’ from those crimes. 

“Her people’.  Doesn’t that sound like something a queen would say? Perhaps Biden was referring to Hochul?

Luckily for criminals, SCOTUS’ ruling did not affect the criminals’ ability to illegally carry guns and use them against the citizens that Hochul would disarm. 

Can you imagine if aliens landed and said “take me to your leaders.”  Enter Biden with Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg by his side.  Perhaps Hochul and Gavin Newsome standing behind them.  Mankind would be toast!  The problem is, even without aliens entering the picture, we’re in trouble.

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