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Philadelphia Shooting

07/06/2023 1:01 PM | Anonymous

Philadelphia Shooting  by Tom Reynolds

About 8:30 p.m. on Monday, a killer opened fire on a street in a southwest Philadelphia neighborhood, killing five people and injuring two others.  It’s estimated 50 shots were fired.

The killer allegedly used an AR-15-style weapon and a 9mm handgun, wore body armor and a ski mask.  He may have randomly targeted victims. Police chased and cornered the suspect in an alley and took the suspect into custody.

He faces more than 30 criminal charges, including five counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, 10 counts of assault, 10 counts of recklessly endangering another person, and four counts of weapons charges.

Various sources reported that the suspect has a criminal history that includes a 2003 arrest for possession of a weapon without a license, carrying a firearm in public, and drug possession. The suspect later pled guilty to possessing a firearm without a license and received three years' probation.  The other charges were dropped.

All that’s probably not news as those facts would be a part of almost every news article.

Some things that are not to be mentioned:

He’s obviously not an ex-marine since that was not mentioned.

He’s obviously not a member of the NRA since that membership was not mentioned.

So, who is he?  Don’t count on the main stream media to tell you that.  In fact, count on this story disappearing.


The suspect was originally identified as a 40-year-old male named Kimbrady Carriker.  According to the New York Post, just three months ago, the suspect posted pictures of ‘himself’ on social media wearing women's clothing. 

On his Facebook page, Carriker posted pictures of armed protesters dressed as Black Panthers taken at a 2020 Atlanta protest. He posted: “Me at BLM protest.”

There was also a meme featuring photos of actor Wesley Snipes in movies dressed as the drag queen “Noxeema” Above Snipes as Noxeema, he posted, “Me at pride.”

Philadelphia officials previously used he/him pronouns for the suspect during a Tuesday news conference.  Now, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia district attorney’s office told CNN that the office is using they/them pronouns to refer to the suspect based on “information we have at this time.” 

And if sexual orientation issues are not enough to kill the story, a killer posting in support of Black Lives Matter will bury it deeper than six feet.

Aol.’s website reported that DA Larry Krasner said Carriker was carrying a “ghost gun” (but doesn’t explain what the “ghost gun” was.) It’s also reported that the DA says there is reason to believe that both that firearm and the AR-15 “may have been obtained illegally”.

But the DA also want’s stricter gun laws so illegal gun users have more opportunity to be illegal gun users.

The DA also said that getting to the bottom of the source of the weapon will take time, “because the NRA has done a hell of a job trying to make it difficult for people to investigate the source of a weapon.”

In the best traditions of the leftist media, Aol. managed to include ”ghost gun” and take a shot (figuratively speaking) at the NRA, even though they have nothing to do with the crime.  At the same time, they completely missed the sexual orientation and the Black Lives Matter story.

Oh yeah, there was a second shooter who police believe also opened fire on the scene.  On Tuesday, police announced that this second individual was firing back at Carriker in self-defense.  No coverage of this and if this shooter may have saved lives by shooting back. 

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