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Kennedy on Kamala

07/10/2023 8:53 PM | Anonymous

Kennedy on Kamala  by Tom Reynolds

Fox News’ Trace Gallager had Senator John Kennedy as his guest this past Friday.  The subject of Vice President Kamala Harris’ garbling of words came up.  Kennedy pointed to her horrid poll numbers and suggested that her history of word salad responses may be partly to blame.  (Not to mention being associated with the multiple leftist failures of the Biden administration.)

Kennedy said, “She’s struggling for a couple of reasons. Number one, she doesn’t appear to be prepared. Number two, no matter how well-prepared you are, you have to be able to express yourself. And with respect, I would say the vice president needs to work on being a little more articulate. Some…might say that based on her performances, that English is not her first, second, third, or even fourth language.”

Kennedy went on to say that Harris appears to stumble when she tries to “sound smart.”  (Kennedy knows how to use a knife in the sweetest southern accent!)

“But number three, you know, I think sound advice for anyone, politician or not, is always be yourself unless you suck. If you suck, have enough self-awareness to know you suck…”  (Or as Winston Churchill said more eloquently, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”  Of course, you have to be aware that you are in a hole.)    

Kennedy continued: “And I just don’t get the impression that the vice president is–she’s not being herself. She’s trying to sound smart instead of just saying what she believes and saying it in a clear articulate manner that the average American who’s busy can understand.”  (Even the average American who is NOT busy has trouble translating her words into understandable English.)


Some examples of “Kamal Speak:”

"We invested an additional $12 billion into community banks, because we know community banks are in the community…" 

"When we talk about the children of the community, they are the children of the community.”

"Culture is — it is a reflection of our moment and our time. Right? And present culture is the way we express how we're feeling about the moment and we should always find times to express how we feel about the moment. That is a reflection of joy. Because, you know…it comes in the morning."

"We have to find ways to also express the way we feel about the moment in terms of just having language and a connection to how people are experiencing life. And I think about it in that way, too."

"So I think it's very important, as you have heard from so many incredible leaders for us at every moment in time and certainly this one, to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present, and to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past but the future."

"We also recognize just as it has been in the United States, for Jamaica, one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way of its impact has been the pandemic." 

"I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should have rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled."

We've got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously." 

YouTuber “Ranting Monkey” summarized Harris’ oratorical ability: "Kamala will go down in history as the most quotable woman to even be a woman who makes quotes about quotes a woman might quote."

Whenever I hear someone talk about impeaching Joe Biden I remind them of who is the Vice President.

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