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07/14/2023 9:33 PM | Anonymous

Journalism?  by Tom Reynolds

In Monday’s email, SCOPE spoke about the Philadelphia shooter and emphasized that the media would omit pieces of the story that did not fit their Leftist agenda. 

While you were reading that email, the Gannett newspaper chain was distributing a story about that killer.  The story took up half of a page and headlined that the killer was agitated and erratic and gave examples such as he paced the floor wearing a bulletproof vest.

Oh yeah, it did get to add in that he had a “fervor for guns.” He was “armed and not in his right mind.”  (Gun control box checked.)

The story spent a lot of ink on his mental health issues and talked about the usual call for more attention to people with mental health issues.

But Gannett couldn’t find room to mention that he put online pictures of himself in a dress.  In the past, that would be a clear indication of a mental health problem but since Joe Biden invites Drag Queens to the White House, the mental health issues seem to have been remarkably cured.

The story also omitted any reference to the killer being black and his victims probably being black, (since the neighborhood was described as black.)  While Gannett could have corrected the misconception that blacks are mostly killed by whites; actually, the majority of black homicides are committed by blacks.  But doing that would have gone against the Leftist agenda, so there was no chance of that making the article.

And somehow the story missed that the killer was a Black Lives Matter supporter.  Imagine that!


There can be no doubt that the Democrat leadership is rabidly anti-2nd Amendment while the Republican leadership, for the most part, is pro 2nd Amendment.  So, SCOPE is sensitive to the efforts to destroy any Republican candidates by the leftist media, like Gannett.

If you are paying attention to the early presidential candidates, you know that Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor and a 2nd Amendment supporter, is running for president but trails Donald Trump by a huge margin.  Leaving nothing to chance, Gannett tried to drive a few nails into DeSantis’ presidential coffin.  They ran a full page story about how bad things are in Florida under DeSantis.

The first half-page article started out that DeSantis was “ramping up the state’s speed on capital punishment ahead of the 2024 election” in an attempt “to compete with his rival Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who used the death penalty to execute 13 federal inmates during his last six months in office.”  DeSantis is supposedly doing this “in large part because of his bid for president and to appear tough on crime.”

Per Gannett, DeSantis is killing people to compete with Donald Trump in killing people in order to get elected president.  Before this article, who knew that there was a race on?  

The other half of the page was headlined, Asian Americans Feel Targeted by (Voting) Laws.

And guess what governor signed a law that was causing this distress?  Hint: the state is directly south of Georgia and Alabama.

Oh yeah, that other big Red state, Texas, also came under fire for raising the penalty for illegal voting to a felony.

And Sunday’s Gannett op-ed had and editorial by a USA Today (Gannett) columnist titled: As GOP primary race heats up, it’s fearmongering season.  The piece isn’t worth commenting on but you can easily imagine what it said.


Why are we spending time on non 2nd Amendment issues?

First, these are the anti-2A people in the media that are doing this.  If they win, 2A loses.

Generations of Americans have been propagandized by the government run school systems, the media and the entertainment industry.  As we head into next year’s presidential election, we can expect to see subtle stories, as above, that paint conservative candidates in the worst possible light, either by inclusion or omission.  We have to fight back and get the truth out.  If we do nothing, those that have been propagandized will never hear the truth and fall in line, just as the left wants them.

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